Digital Video 101: Optimizing Your Video Strategy with Analytics

Learn how to monitor your video performance to optimize content and ad views.

Data is an integral part of a successful video strategy. Understanding how your content is performing and user behavior is key to driving engagement and revenue.

However, analytics can be challenging when it comes to knowing which data points to focus on and how to use them successfully to drive your video program.

Watch part four of our Digital Video 101 series to learn how to implement and use video analytics to help you make the right decisions to drive business growth.

During this webinar we will cover:

  • Key metrics that define how your content is performing
  • Using segmentation to turn data into actionable insights
  • Creating advanced custom reports to easily access data you need
  • Using the Analytics API to integrate your video data into your existing workflow
  • Accessing across device analytics to improve user retention

Featured Speakers:
Dan Breyre, Senior Product Manager, JW Player