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For ad-supported video, every impression counts. With the right technology and experts to guide you with set-up, you’ll get the best possible ad fill and CPMs.

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Seamless ad integration

JW Player works with any video ad server, network or exchange and includes built-in support for SpotX, Google DFP, Google IMA, AdX, and FreeWheel.

Leading VAST and VPAID support

If it’s a recognized video advertising standard, JW Player can work with it — like the IAB’s latest VAST4, VPAID2, and VMAP specs.

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Stay in control of your ad revenue

Keep 100% of your ad revenue. Use our dashboard or robust API to schedule ads and leverage our powerful analytics to refine your strategy.

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Team up with our advertising experts

Online video is complex. Our JW Demand team is here to help you implement best practices and maximize advertising revenue. Benefit from expertise you won’t find anywhere else.


All the benefits of header bidding, built directly into the video player.

Talk with a video expert about how customers like Business Insider are seeing a big increase in fill rate and CPMs