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How KelbyOne Seamlessly Integrates Video into their Online Photography Courses

The Challenge

KelbyOne is a membership-based online photography training company. With over 148,000 members and 875+ courses, KelbyOne makes it easy for photographers & designers to get the training they want, when they want. Operating as a family-run business for over 25 years and with a team of just 25-30 employees, KelbyOne has a reputation for professional and affordable online training courses. Their course catalog runs the gamut of photography from manual photo tips to iPhone and drone photography, covering everything from the business & financial side of running a photography business to post-processing.

With their lean organizational team and resources, KelbyOne needed a video solution that could run itself with minimal management. Digital video is integral to everything KelbyOne produces, with approximately 90% of their content produced as video-based webcasts, courses, and live streams.

KelbyOne’s biggest challenge was finding a video solution that could handle their growing library of online courses and integrate easily with their existing content management system. With an SVOD strategy for their revenue, KelbyOne also needed a complete video solution including best-in-class video playback and video streaming that supports their subscription management solution, and provides a seamless viewing experience for subscribers.

We’ve been with JW Player for a long time and the performance has been great! It’s allowed us to focus on other things we need to focus on. We appreciate the platform and the growth and everything it’s provided.

Adam Frick Director of Web Development KelbyOne

The Solution

JW Player’s easy-to-use dashboard provides KelbyOne’s content team with the analytics they need to better understand their customers and measure success using video completion rates. Using JW Player APIs, they’re able to integrate with their existing content management system and database. This information is used across their website and their mobile app, providing users with a seamless experience (and the ability to download videos for offline viewing).

All this integration takes place seamlessly and allows the KelbyOne team to focus on their content creation and getting new subscribers, rather than the technical dev ops. 

In 2020, KelbyOne also ran four live video streaming events and needed a packaged solution. Being able to get their live videos up on their platform almost immediately after the event, they turned what was previously a 2-3 day turnaround to just a few hours.

In many cases, [live streaming via JW Player] increased our turnaround time since the video is on our platform as soon as the event is over. It’s turned what was a 2-3 day turnaround into just a few hours.

Adam Frick Director of Web Development KelbyOne

The Result

JW Player’s dashboard, API integration, and one-stop-shop solution for video helps KelbyOne to focus on their core business—getting new subscribers and creating new content.


growth in video plays YOY


video completion rate


turnaround from live to play

JW Player is an all-inclusive app experience where you upload it and then everything is pretty much handled for you. That’s been a huge asset for us because we’re such a small company with such a small team trying to do everything. Being able to offload that experience and expertise our team doesn’t really have has been a huge asset to us.

Adam Frick Director of Web Development KelbyOne

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