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Growing up fast, how OTT Apps helped BabyFirst reach new audiences

The Challenge

BabyFirst is an international TV and digital video network that produces original, kid-friendly programming for toddlers, preschoolers and all children aged 0-5, reaching more than 60 million linear TV households and over 100 hundred thousand active viewers via its streaming channels and OTT distributors. 

While BabyFirst has long held a large and loyal audience that consumes its content across its television and digital platforms, it was struggling to attract additional viewers who were not already familiar with its brand and needed to better consolidate their in-app user experience especially with the need for multiple languages. Their previous OTT solution was too fragmented and did not provide the best user experience for their viewers.

In order to continue expanding, it needed a more streamlined, customized OTT app solution across all the various platforms where parents and babies consume content in multiple languages, and a technology partner that could seamlessly manage and deliver its content across all desktop, tablet, mobile and connected TV touch points. And while the network wanted to move fast on its new initiative, a small, nimble product team meant it would need some help to carry the engineering load.

OTT Apps from JW Player in partnership with Float Left empowered us to reach more viewers across a wide range of OTT touchpoints.

Yoav Haruvi Director of Product Management at BabyFirst

The Solution

New audiences. Fast, easy set up. A bigger, better BabyFirst. 

BabyFirst selected OTT Apps from JW Player in partnership with Float Left to build a suite of subscription-based (through Cleeng) apps across Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Android devices. 

Through our complete solution they were able to go live with new OTT apps in a matter of weeks, not months. With JW Player’s content management and delivery infrastructure empowered BabyFirst to seamlessly host, stream and analyze its video content across its entire suite of touch points.

Each app offers multi-language support to make it easier for each viewer to access their content. This also widened the discoverability in the app store, increasing brand awareness. The ability to customize their apps was incredibly valuable for BabyFirst. Updates to the UI catered to a more kid-friendly audience including changes like larger font sizes. 

And whenever BabyFirst had a question, our-top notch customer service team was there to walk them through it. Within a short time period, the publisher was acquiring new audiences and delivering quality streaming and on-demand content to viewers around the world⁠—and across a range of devices.

With user-friendly content management and distribution, excellent customer service and a fast, easy set-up process, we couldn’t be happier with what JW has done for our business.

Yoav Haruvi Director of Product Management at BabyFirst

The Result

JW Player’s OTT Apps substantially grew BabyFirst’s audience, just as the network had hoped. 

Best of all, BabyFirst was able to achieve these milestones with a fast, easy setup, and technical expertise from our partners at Float Left. When all was said and done, our OTT Apps partnership made a major, positive impact on BabyFirst’s business.


Increase in average viewing time on Roku


Increase in viewing sessions on Apple TV


Increase in monthly active users on Apple TV

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