Article Matching

Drive 30% more plays

Our publishers report that 60%+ of their articles do not have video content - a missed opportunity to monetize. Article Matching automatically inserts a relevant video from your content library into any post from the moment it goes live.

National Review

"Article Matching has allowed us to expand on our video strategy with a lift in video plays of 19%. We also increased CTRs on click-to-play videos by 71%"

Article Matching
Deepen Audience Engagement

Publishers enjoy a click-to-play rate increase of over 70% compared to trending or manual playlists.

More Opportunities to Monetize

By adding the most relevant video from your library to text articles across your sites.

Leverage Video Intelligence
Leverage Video Intelligence

Using the Open Graph title of the article and your meta data, Article Matching runs a search query against your video library.

Seamless Workflow Integration

Your articles will automatically have relevant video the moment they go live.


Drive 35% more plays

Don't just intrigue viewers, keep them watching. Our Recommendations engine analyzes billions of signals from viewing activity across the JW Player network to recommend curated playlists from your video library to every individual viewer.

Apartment Therapy

"Our views increased by 30% on Apartment Therapy and 40% on The Kitchn thanks to the Recommendation tool."

Maximize Viewing Sessions

Customers using Recommendations generate 0.9 incremental plays per initial play.

Scolable delivery
Powered By Our Network

Automatically curated playlists based on viewing activity from our vast network.

Code Search
Automated Content Curation

Simply turn it on in your JW Player dashboard or manage through APIs.

Increase Ad Revenue

Drive incremental views and see a significant increase in time watched and ad impressions.

Discover Insights About Your Videos

Make strategic decisions to optimize content and ad views. Integrate our video analytics with your existing tools, including Google Analytics, Adobe, Nielsen, Comscore, Conviva & more.

Discover Insights About Your Videos
Real-Time Metrics

Access real-time video activity on your network to make critical business decisions as soon as you go viral with JW Player's analytics suite.

Custom Reporting

Create and save custom reports including views by player ID and playlist ID -- unique insights you won't get from 3rd party video analytics providers.

Cross-Device Insights

Understand how your content is performing across desktop and mobile web, as well as mobile and OTT apps.

Maintain Viewer Engagement

Quickly identify and act on the exact friction points in your media that are causing churn in viewer engagement.