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With data from across 12,000+ unique media companies and measuring across 10 billion monthly video impressions, JW Player's insights are among the best in the industry. Download our white papers, industry reports, playbooks, and original video research with the latest industry trends for publishers, broadcasters, and other video media companies.


The Future of Video Streaming:
Predictions for the Year Ahead

The year 2021 was one of unprecedented growth and change in broadcast TV and digital video streaming. Amid global challenges and a rapidly changing industry, digital video consumption continued to grow on an accelerated trajectory.

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Video Industry Insights for Digital Broadcasters: Reach New Audiences on New Screens

To better understand how broadcasters are using digital video in 2021, JW Player undertook an extensive survey across film and TV media companies who use our platform—ranging from independent niche broadcasters to comScore Top 100 media giants.

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Why Video Engagement is Essential for Every Publisher

As competition for audience attention becomes more challenging due to the rapid rise in online video consumption and the onslaught of new producers, publishers, and creators, every publisher is looking for ways to maximize reach and revenue.

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Forrester Study Demonstrates 482% ROI From JW Player Technology

Learn how JW Player efficiently drives incremental views and costs savings—resulting in significant upticks in ad revenue of +$5.21 CPM and a ROI of 482%.

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The Modern Publisher’s Guide to Video Advertising

Make video your #1 source of revenue today with tips, insights, and best practices from The Modern Publisher’s Guide to Video Advertising.

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Video Advertising Playbook for Digital Publishers

A comprehensive guide with 25 concrete actions you can take to make your viewers happy AND boost video CPMs.

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Digital Video Industry Insights for Media Companies in 2021

To better understand how media companies are using digital video in 2021, JW Player undertook a study of publishers and media companies to understand their digital video needs.

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Digital Video Industry Insights for Publishers in 2021

To better understand how publishers are using digital video in 2021, JW Player undertook a study of 221 companies to understand their digital video needs for the upcoming year.

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Video Best Practices for the 2021 Q4 Holiday Shopping Season

Learn how to effectively promote and create holiday-themed videos during the annual end-of-year holiday season in this video strategy playbook.

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Anatomy of a Video: Key Measures of a Video's Life Cycle

Why do some videos perform better than others? How can you use data to improve your video strategy? Discover the full story with 5 key metrics from our Video Analytics Playbook.

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The State of JW Player

Get the inside scoop on what JW Player has been up to in the past years with key facts and figures.

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