Embedded Web Video Player JW Video Updated To v6.9 With Chromecast Support

You’ve probably seen the name “JW Player” around the internets, but you may not be aware it’s one of the largest providers of embedded streaming video. Yeah, it’s no YouTube, but the Flash and HTML5-based JW Player powers sites like Kickstarter, ESPN, and a few million more. It’s going to be a lot easier to watch those videos on your TV now that JW Player v6.9 has been released with the promised Chromecast integration (and some other things).

JW Player Hires Innovators from Google, Salesforce and Apple to Expand Leadership in Digital Video

JW Player, a leader in online and mobile video, today announced that it has added key industry pioneers to its executive team to further drive innovation and growth in the company’s video technology solutions. Eric Hoffert has been named Chief Technology Officer and Executive Vice President, Product, and John Luther joins JW Player as Vice President, Devices. Both bring extensive experience working on some of the most innovative technologies in the digital video space.

Optimize Your YouTube Content for a Multi-Channel Strategy

For years an online strategy meeting went something like, “we really need to tap into those younger demographics online, let’s put together a YouTube channel and start marketing to them.” Later it became, “OK, we have a YouTube channel but we should do some online video advertising, on YouTube.” Now, as the online video industry matures and evolves, that’s just not enough anymore. So the question is, what will the future require for successful online video brand presence?

JW Player to Support Chromecast, Opening Living Room for Thousands of Content Providers

The march of content providers into the living room is getting yet another boost as JW Player, whose video solution is used by thousands of content providers, will support Chromecast. JW Player’s CEO Dave Otten and creator Jeroen Wijering told me yesterday that the beta is underway with 5 different content providers implementing JW Player with Chromecast support, which will go live over the next several weeks.

JW Player adds Chromecast support to its video player

Expect Chromecast support to come to websites from major media companies any day now: JW Player, whose HTML5 and Flash video player is being used by more than two million sites on the web, is slated to announce Thursday that it is adding Chromecast support to its platform. Casting will initially just be available to a few big publishers as part of a limited beta test, but the company wants to eventually make the feature more widely available.