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  • Newsonomics: Will Facebook’s troubles finally cure publishers of platformitis? (NiemanLab) As a platform that wanted to globally mass, Facebook had to be free. The price of that strategy may, inevitably, be data manipulation, beyond even the best intentions or efforts at control. It’s integral to the business model. If that’s the case, are we running headfirst into a collision with basic American democratic values — all because the most easily lucrative business model has led us there?


  • The State of Video and AI 2018 (StreamingMedia) Video AI (artificial intelligence) has the capacity to solve a number of time-consuming, video-related problems with automation. But that doesn’t mean it has magical powers that will exclude human control.


  • Doubling efforts to unlock potential of video ads: YouTube (Brand Equity) Video streaming platform YouTube, that counts India as one of the most important markets, today said it is doubling its efforts on product and advertising to unlock the potential of video advertising. YouTube, which was launched in 2008 in India, today has over 225 million monthly active users on mobile.



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