Introducing Our Newest Online Video Player Update - JW Player 6

Today, we are proud to announce the public release of JW Player 6! JW6 is JW Player’s biggest update yet, containing tons of new or enhanced functionality. This blog post highlights the most important ones, including a redesigned interface, move to HTML5 first and support for Apple's HTTP Live Streaming in Flash.

LongTail Raises $5 million From Greycroft

Dear LongTail Video Community,

I am excited to share some very exciting news – LongTail Video has just completed its first venture financing round! In total, we raised $5 million and have partnered with two fantastic investors, Greycroft Partners and Cue Ball Capital. Needless to say, this is a big milestone for our company and we cannot thank all of you enough for your support.

If you are interested in learning more about the financing, you can find the official press release here.

LongTail Video Update after Hurricane Sandy

As you all may know, LongTail Video is a New York City based company, and we too have been affected by Hurricane Sandy. Our HQ is located in the Union Square neighborhood and we were affected by the power outages from Sandy that hit almost every area below 34th Street. Mayor Bloomberg and Con Edison, our electric provider, have been very responsive to all New Yorkers in keeping us up to date on repairs and services, and we are hoping that next week we will be close to coming back online at our offices.

The State of HTML5 Video Report - Market Share Updates, Text Tracks, MediaSource API and More...

This week we released another quarterly update to our online resource, The State of HTML5 Video Report. Since its launch in January, our HTML5 report has been read over 200,000 times, and is actively discussed on social media and the blogosphere. We eagerly await your feedback on this latest version!

In Q3 2012, there have been some interesting trends in market share both on the browser and mobile sides. We tested HTML5 support in Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) and found it encouraging on most fronts. In terms of what to look for on the horizon, we are very excited about upcoming text track support and the new MediaSource API for HTML5 adaptive streaming.

Video Metadata Practices to Boost SEO

Metadata is best described as data about your data. In the context of the internet, it is a quick reference (or key word) used to help describe the larger concept of your web page content. It comes in the form of descriptive titles, text, keywords, and dates.

Web page metadata has been used by web developers and designers for quite some time now. More recently, the importance of metadata in the context of online video has been recognized. So what should this mean for your videos? Read on and find out...

Mobile platforms for video: understanding where and when

Here at LongTail, we have a unique opportunity to observe and understand how video is being watched over the Internet. Our popular video player (JW Player) and video hosting platform (Bits on the Run) provide us with insight on video and device viewing habits. With the increasing popularity of tablets, we decided to have a closer look at just how this new class of devices account for video consumption across the Internet.

VAST & VPAID: Standardizing Online Video Ads

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So you want to run video ads?

Using the Browsers’ New HTML5 Fullscreen Capabilities


JW Player provides extensive fullscreen capabilities to give your audience an immersive video experience and help increase video engagement! Built-in fullscreen is supported on all browsers except Safari on iOS. The fullscreen API is available on all browsers, except Safari on iOS as well as the Android Stock Browser.

To learn more about the fullscreen features, check out the report on the developer site.

How to Stream Live Video From Your iPhone to the JW Player

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A few people have asked us if they can stream live video from their iPhones directly to the JW Player. If you're willing to install and configure a few applications, the answer is yes! This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to do it.

This tutorial is broken up into three steps: