New Google Interactive Media Ads (IMA) Support



Today we updated our Google Interactive Media Ads (IMA) SDK integration to provide the SDK’s complete suite of functionality. This adds new features not previously supported, makes old mechanisms easier, removes inconsistencies, and ultimately aims to provide the best experience possible with Google’s ad monetization tools.

Platform Updates! Content Sunrise, Cloud-hosted Libraries and More



Over the past few months, we’ve been hard at work updating JW Platform to improve flexibility and control for publishers. We’ve released cloud-hosted libraries, ad tag waterfalling, additional player configurations, .json feeds for your content, and straightforward, powerful scheduling capability with content sunrise for JW Platform users.

JW Player SDK for Android 1.1 Released

Today we are releasing our first major update to the JW Player SDK for Android. This release adds three important features:

  • Closed captions. Media presentations can be accompanied by closed captions in SRT format. This includes support for multi-language captions (i.e., enabling the user to select from a menu of available language tracks).
  • Content playlisting. The API now supports passing a list of media URLs to play in sequence as a playlist. Forward and back buttons can be included in the player UI to enable users to browse through the playlist items.

The State of HTML5 on the Fifth Anniversary of the iPad

For fans of HTML5, the release of the iPad, five years ago, was big news. The much-hyped device was not compatible with the popular multimedia platform Flash, a choice Apple doubled down on a few weeks later when Steve Jobs published his now famous “Thoughts on Flash”. Five years ago, one of the biggest technology companies put their weight behind HTML5 as a successor to Flash. Let’s take a look at where the technology currently stands, and how it has evolved since then.


Mission Accomplished?

Announcing JW Player SDK for iOS

Today we are releasing the first version of our JW Player SDK for iOS. This software developer kit (SDK) enables publishers to easily build the JW Player video playback and advertising features they love directly into native iOS apps.

This announcement follows closely on the release of our JW Player SDK for Android in January and is the next step in our native mobile product strategy. According to Nielsen, 89% of the time consumers spend on media is through mobile apps, as compared to 11% through mobile web browsers. JW Player is committed to delivering the tools that our customers need to reach these users as their media preferences shift away from the mobile web to native apps.

Any App, Any CDN, Any Ad Server, with YOUR Branding

Announcing the General Release of the JW Player SDK for Android

We're pleased to announce the general availability release of our JW Player SDK for Android. This software developer kit (SDK) enables publishers to easily build JW Player video and advertising features they love into native Android apps.

Cisco predicts that by 2018, two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video content. According to ComScore, 47% of Internet traffic is attributed to mobile apps (more than desktop browsers) and the average mobile consumer spends 86% of their time using mobile apps instead of mobile browsers.

The JW Player SDK for Android opens this fast-growing world of native mobile apps to the community of over two million web sites that use JW Player. At the same time, this SDK empowers publishers new to JW Player to include video and audio streaming in their native Android apps.

Announcing JW Player for VIP

JW Player is excited to announce a partnership with VIP and the release of the JW Player for VIP plugin. VIP Enterprise customers now have full access to the power of JW Player and JW Platform with the push of a button.


JW Player for VIP supports all of the rich functionality provided by the JW Platform plugin, including uploading content to JW Platform and embedding that content using JW Player. Customers using VIP can enable and access the JW Player functionality right from within their VIP admin by activating JW Player for VIP from the Featured Partners section; no code install necessary!