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In early 2010, we officially merged with our longtime partner, Bits on the Run. Bits on the Run has gradually moved its content over to, assuming a larger presence on our site. We are pleased to announce that Bits on the Run has officially migrated the remaining content to Bits Users will notice that they are redirected to LongTail Video's website automatically. All information previously accessed on is now available on

To help ease this transition, below lists where you will find the various Bits on the Run content:

Using the JW Embedder to Embed Your Player

Prior to the JW 5.3 release, the most common methods used to embed the JW Player on your website were object/embed code and swfobejct (1.5 or 2.X).
With the release of JW 5.3,
we also introduced our own embed method, the JW Embedder, referenced as jwplayer.js. We recommend the JW Embedder when you’re looking to achieve the following:

  • Seamless failover between the Flash and HTML5 players.
  • Automatic integration with the JavaScript API.

This blog post is going to cover how to use the JW Embedder. Note that if you are familiar with the swfobject 2.X embed method, you will notice some similarities.

JW Player JavaScript API Webinar

The JW Player Team is excited to present their first webinar on the JW Player JavaScript API introduced in the 5.3 Release. Real examples and tips on how to take advantage of the scripting capabilities in the new API are presented in the recorded session below.

Free Webinar: Introduction to the JW Player JavaScript API

The JW Player Team is hosting a Free Webinar on the new JavaScript API introduced in the JW Player 5.3 release. Live examples and tips on how to best utilize the scripting capabilities of the new API will be discussed. Note that due to overwhelming response, we are hosting two webinar sessions to accommodate everyone. The same topics will be covered on both days. Although registration is full for our November 18th session, spots are still open for the session on Friday, November 19th @ 2:00 PM ET, so please register today!

JW Player a Winner in the 2010 Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards

We are honored to accept the award for Best Streaming Innovation in the

Media-Readers-Choice-Award-Winners-71178.aspx">2010 Streaming Media Readers' Choice Awards. LongTail Video's JW Player won the award, with overwhelming support from our community. We'd like to extend a warm thank-you to everyone that has helped us get to this point. Without your feedback and support, our products would not be where they are today!

JW Player 5.3, HTML5, and You

Common misunderstandings about HTML5, Flash, and the JW Player

The release of JW Player 5.3 introduced some important new changes to our player, and its embedding mechanisms. Both the JW Player for Flash and the JW Player for HTML5 are now completely incorporated into JW Player 5.3. As always, we've received great feedback from our community which has helped us compile this list of common misunderstandings about the Flash Player, the HTML5 Player, and Flash/HTML5 in general. With this post, I hope to help you get started with the JW Player 5.3 for Flash and HTML5.

Ready? Let’s Get Started!

1) The 5.3 player.swf file does not contain the HTML5 Player

Introducing the JW Player for Flash and HTML5

For several years, the JW Player has been a leader in the web video world.  Until recently, this has almost entirely meant Flash video.  However, with the major browser vendors all committing to bringing video rendering capabilities directly into the browser, the landscape has begun to shift.  Additionally, the absence of Flash on certain critical platforms, such as the iOS devices, is pushing many web video publishers to search for alternatives.

Is HTML5 the Answer to All of Our Problems? 

It certainly addresses some major points:

FOMS: Funny Name, Serious Talk about HTML5, Bitrate Switching, WebM, and WebSRT

Last week, in the midst of our normal support requests and software development, we found a way to squeeze in a little extra time to attend the Open Video Conference and associated meetings here in New York. Everyone here at LongTail is a strong believer in open media formats, but it is rare to see so many people who are as committed to it as we are - assembled in one place.