Engaging Audiences with Intelligent Video Recommendations


Users like fresh, new video content. But for most publishers, it's a real struggle to continuously produce new content, while also working to organically build their audiences.

What if you could get around this challenge by extending the life of your video content — getting more plays from every video you produce, and ultimately driving views and time watched?

Recent upgrades to JW Recommendations help publishers do just that, and we want to tell you about these enhancements.

JW Recommendations automates video content curation — presenting contextually relevant videos from a publisher's library to viewers. Using machine learning techniques, JW Recommendations curates playlists with speed and scale that would never be possible through manual curation. Best of all, by helping viewers to discover meaningful content, you'll drive deeper engagement — meaning more views today, and more views in the future.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn more about our latest updates to JW Recommendations, and how you can deliver the video content that your viewers want to see — when and how they want to see it.

JW Recommendations enables you to:

  • Deliver curated content in real-time, powered by machine learning
  • Create stunning content experiences that entice viewers to watch more
  • Take control over audience engagement

You will hear from:

  • Franklin Dement, Senior Product Manager, JW Player
  • Hue Ming Chan, Product Marketing Manager, JW Player