Stop Screaming at Me: Marketers (and Publishers) Need to Keep Up With the Browsers

The two most important trends to be on top of right now are replacing all Flash advertising content with HTML5 creative and understanding how the browser companies will be curbing advertisers from screaming at prospective customers. JW Player’s Brian Rifkin and Eric Boyd share tips and best practices for online publishers to stay up-to-date and optimize their video content and ad performance.

FastCompany moves to a new CMS and tech stack including JW Player’s platform for video

Over the past year, the technology that powers Fast Company has been completely overhauled. Everything from the tech stack to the content management system, the video platform, and analytics package has changed. Fast Company's executive editor writes: "For video, we migrated off an aging platform and onto the JW Player platform. This has allowed us to optimize our video workflow and to experiment with new integrations across our sites. As a result, our video views have more than doubled since the beginning of this year, and continue to grow."

JW Player Taps Vonage’s Calamera as CTO

JW Player claims more than 20,000 customers, including enterprises such as Univision, Hearst, Red Bull, VICE Media and Bell Media. Its video player footprint spans 193 countries and is live on more than 2 million sites with more than 1.3 billion monthly unique viewers across all devices.

Video Scarcity Pushes Publishers To Consider Context – Not Just Reach

Publishers that sell out of video inventory quickly are trying to increase video engagement by improving the quality of the user experience – not just chasing reach at the most cost-effective CPM. For example, Little Things dumped autoplay, mobile interstitials and outstream in favor of click-to-play. “We wanted video views to be on the consumer’s terms,” said Justin Festa, chief digital officer for Little Things, at JW Player’s JW Insights event in New York on Thursday.

Former Tremor Video CEO Bill Day Finds New Home at JW Player

It’s a bright day for JW Player. The network-independent video platform, whose customers span across 193 countries, has hired on Bill Day as its new Chief Operating Officer. The former Tremor Video CEO will be responsible for the company’s strategic leadership while also managing sales, product, marketing, business development, finance and human resources.

Opera TV teams up with JW Player

Opera TV has entered into a partnership with the digital and mobile video platform and player company JW Player. As a result, Opera TV Snap and JW Player will enable the latter’s over two million supported websites to package online video channels into ready-to-run TV apps.

3 Reasons Video Technology Will Undergo a Sea Change in 2017

2016 was a watershed year for video: Live streaming changed the face of broadcasting, delivering breaking news over social feeds; Apple and Google made their browsers consistent with the desktop versions allowing native app publishers to auto-start video playback inline on the page; and Flash's continued depreciation was a positive sign for most.