Apple and Google Browser Tweaks Could Boost Mobile Video

“This could be a big deal for web video. I think when people start adjusting their video players and websites there will be a significant uptick for publishers in terms of video plays,” said Jeroen Wijering, head of product at online video technology provider JW Player.

JW Player adds VR/360° Video to Online Video Platform

“JW Player has been a terrific partner in our early successes,” said McClatchy's director of video product and operations, Meghan Sims. "JW Player 360° video technology is an important piece in the evolution of video storytelling here at McClatchy. And it's going to be a big part of some exciting things we have planned next year."

JW Player Pulls the Curtain Back on Showcase

With Showcase, brands can create standalone video websites or create video-heavy sections for their existing sites. Those pages can be branded with your own logo and footer text. JW Showcase uses templates for fast site creation, and comes with two default themes: Light and Dark. If you have a CSS developer in-house, you can modify the themes to your liking. You can also add your own HTML metatags for improved search engine discovery.

Unlocking Video’s Value in the OTT Era [AD SUMMIT VIDEO]

JW Player Co-founder and SVP of Video Sales Brian Rifkin joins panel discussion at the Video Ad Summit about monetizing video content publishers and creators. The panelists addressed a number of critical issues including how to deliver world-class user experiences that combine both content and advertising, why it’s critical to distribute content to as many places as possible, how to help advertisers capitalize on emerging opportunities like vertical video and other new formats, the role that data is playing in their monetization strategies and what important trends are going to play out over the next year, among other things.

Univision taps JW Player for OTT, mobile video streaming during Copa America tournament

JW Player scored a deal with Spanish-language television network Univision to support its online and mobile streaming efforts during the Copa America Centenario, a futbol tournament being played for the first time in the U.S. throughout June. The customer win was one of several "key first quarter" deals signed by the streaming platform, along with LittleThings, an aggregator of "feel-good" content including user-submitted video.

Innovations from Playboy and Vice Highlighted at JW Insights

This week at JW Insights conference (hosted by JW Player), former Buzzfeed president and current founder of live stream news channel Cheddar, Jonathan Steinberg, proclaimed that a business created yesterday, can’t successfully be created tomorrow. Some might agree, but if any company is out to prove Steinberg wrong, it’s Playboy. From its Newfronts presentation today in New York City, the over 60-year-old brand showed that it’s been out-Vice’ing Vice for decades. And now, with the launch of a new branded content studio “Playboy Studios” and the forthcoming rollout of 14 original series, Playboy is out to prove the staying-power of its brand.

JW Player’s Otten: Amazon Video Direct could boost indie publisher revenues, audience base

"We view it as another closed ecosystem," said Dave Otten, CEO and co-founder of JW Player, in an interview with FierceOnlineVideo. He said the enterprise-focused online video platform provider encourages its clients, such as Hearst, to publish not just on their JW Player-based platforms but also to YouTube, Vimeo, and now to Video Direct, "because you get access to a user base that ultimately gives the publisher more access to (a bigger) audience," he said.

Tasting Table And Newsy Tap Apple’s tvOS To Reach Millennials In Leanback Mode

Tasting Table uses JW Player as its video player across its owned and operated sites, so when the video platform released an open-source Apple TV App builder this month, the publisher was among its first pilot customers. It worked with JW Player to create a tvOS app within days and received Apple’s blessing for entry into the App Store within a day. Within two days of the app’s debut, it was featured on the tvOS discovery page. Two or three weeks later, Apple named it among its Best New Apps. “I think it’ll be a lot more difficult to get attention on the home page in two years,” Bartakovics said. “We’re still trying to [gain traction and discovery] with our iOS app because competition there is so fierce. Getting an app out sooner than later through JW’s app builder for tvOS was kind of game-changing for us.”