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Case Studies


How A Digital Publishing Group Increased Workflow Efficiencies Leading to Improvements in Viewer Engagement and Monetization

Implementing JWP video player technology and content management system cleared the bottleneck of long video uploads and processes, allowing this digital publisher to optimize and deliver the best viewer experience.

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How A Public Broadcaster Doubled Their Video Consumption with Local Programming & Reliable Technology Partners

Canadian public broadcaster Knowledge Network uses JW Player technology to stream content across their network, doubling their video consumption with regional programming.

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How LATAM publisher El Comercio increased views & revenue with a new video strategy

Learn how Peruvian newspaper El Comercio increased video views and ad monetization with JW Player’s recommendations engine & player technology.

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JW Player identified as the #1 top performer for Purchase Data Results during Mediacom-Mars CPG Campaign

Mediacom-Mars worked with multiple PMP partners including JW Player’s Ad Demand team for a CPG advertising campaign. JW Player was identified as the #1 top performer for purchase data results in a case study commissioned through Nielsen’s integration with Trade Desk. JW Player deals drove higher Total Sales PDM metrics than all other partners, exceeding goals for brand safety, ad viewability, and efficiency.

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How a Jazz Club in Amsterdam is Bringing Jazz Worldwide with Innovative Live Streaming

Concert live streaming platform WatchLiveJazz.com uses JW Player’s live streaming platform to broadcast their online jazz concerts to a global audience. As a subscriber-based video business, Watch Live Jazz uses live streams and video-on-demand to generate revenue through engaging content, delivering thousands of live music minutes per month.

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How LGBTQ Publisher Q.Digital Experienced Hockey Stick Growth in Video Views

LGBTQ Publisher Q.Digital (Queerty TV, LGBTQNation, GayCities, IntoMore) uses JW Player’s online video platform to generate reach & revenue with original video programs. Learn how they increased ad impressions & video views with an improved UX design.

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TAG Heuer drives 600% increase in conversion by implementing a premium video experience with JW Player 

TAG Heuer (the luxury ecommerce retail brand) implemented a premium video content strategy using JW Player to future-proof their business in 2020.

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How Classplus Reached Millions of Online Students During the Pandemic

With a best-in-class online video player strategy, Classplus managed to grow their customer base 4x during the pandemic. A rapid increase in online learning in India helped fuel the growth, and with JW Player technology powering their B2B educator online videos, Classplus now hosts over 5.6 million videos online.

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How HELLO! Magazine Generates Revenue with a Video-First content strategy

British magazine HELLO! managed to grow their video viewership by over 123% since 2020 by utilizing a video-first content strategy. This has enabled them to grow viewership and revenue rapidly, even during the pandemic.

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How SNY increased their online video viewership & engagement with a video-first strategy

The Emmy Award winning sports network SNY.tv broadcasts to seven million homes in the New York metropolitan area, and nine millions homes across the country with exclusive coverage of the NY Mets, NY Jets, and all things New York sports.

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How Knowledge Network Boosted Plays 100x using JW Player’s Superb Platform and Customer Service

Knowledge Network wanted to break into a new market by launching a video site for children. It needed to produce an exceptional video experience for an audience who grew up using tablets.

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How Der Spiegel uses AVOD & Live Streams to grow their brand and audience

DER SPIEGEL’s strategy to use AVOD (Advertising-Based Video On Demand) and Live Streams in 2020 helped them deepen video engagement and grow their brand reputation with new audiences. Video and livestreaming are an important part to strengthening the DER SPIEGEL brand and online presence.

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How Network N ramped up their video solutions for gamers across a network of sites

Network N transformed their digital video business with premium video content, integrating 9 video SSPs, and optimizing their monetization with Yield Optimization at JW Player.

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How KelbyOne Seamlessly Integrates Video into their Online Photography Courses

Download the case study now to discover how JW Player has helped KelbyOne focus on their core business—getting new subscribers and creating new content. See how KelbyOne grew their video plays 143% year over year using JW Player.

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How Fitness First bridged the gap between their in-person fitness classes and digital video during lockdown

When the UK went into its first lockdown during the pandemic, like much of the world, Fitness First had to quickly speed up its digital marketing strategy.

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How Melbourne Fringe Pulled off the “Art of the Impossible” and Went Digital During the Pandemic

With limited time to launch a digital arts festival, Melbourne Fringe managed to put together a complete virtual arts festival with hundreds of live & VOD arts performances reaching thousands of viewers around the world.

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How Notts County FC brings fans worldwide closer to the action with live streaming

With a 20,000-capacity stadium, Notts relies on ticket sales for a significant portion of their revenue. When the COVID-19 pandemic forced the closure of sport stadiums, digital video solutions became crucial.

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How OTT Apps helped BabyFirst reach new audiences

While BabyFirst has long held a large and loyal audience that consumes its content across television and digital platforms, it was struggling to attract additional viewers who weren't already familiar with its brand. BabyFirst needed to better consolidate their in-app user experience with a need for multiple languages.

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How Insider Inc. transformed its video performance with JW Player’s Recommendations and Article Matching.

Article Matching and Recommendations had a profound effect on Insider Inc.’s ability to generate video views and hold the attention of its audience. Since adding Article Matching, Insider Inc. has enjoyed a 61% CTR increase, a 114% lift in completed video views and a 97% jump in ad impressions vs. its internal solution.

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How JW Player’s Yield Optimization team drove HotNewHipHop’s fill rates through the roof.

HotNewHipHop rapidly grew their ad revenue after they started working with JW Player’s Yield Ops team. Setting up access to Google AdX and implementing Video Player Bidding enabled HotNewHipHop to build a thriving video advertising business from the ground up.

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Future-Proofing a Video Business

How Corus Used JW Player’s Cutting-edge Technology and Ad Integrations to Stay Ahead of Industry Change

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How VPP Gaming Network Used JW Player to Grow Ad Impressions and CPMs

VPP Gaming Network prides itself in helping video game fan communities maximize advertising revenue. A previous video monetization solution caused a great deal of latency in playback.

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Monetizing Success

How Mediastay Improved Fill Rates and Load Speeds with JW Player’s Powerful Ad Technology

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How Refinery29 Increased Views by 10% with JW Player and Recommendations

Refinery29 creates fashion, beauty, and news videos for its audience of millennial women. While these videos had been driving engagement on social media, the brand wanted to direct more viewers to its website. By implementing JW Recommendations, Refinery29 has been able to both maintain viewership and drive traffic to the company’s owned & operated domain.

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A Gold-Standard Digital Video Experience with Eurosport

How Eurosport used JW Player to bring a broadcast-quality digital video experience to
millions of viewers across Europe for the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018

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The Best of Video Intelligence

How Investopedia Used JW Player’s Recommendations Engine to Grow Video Streams

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How TI Media used JW Player’s Recommendations engine and intelligent workflows to save time and increase video plays.

For TI Media, maintaining and developing a profitable and successful video business is a top priority. The company, formerly known as Time Inc. UK, ended up managing two separate video tech vendors.

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How Bauer Xcel Media Simplified Workflows for Editors and Developers

For Bauer Xcel Media, running a large video site was a team effort. Its previous video solution had caused many headaches for both editors and developers.

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How Ebony used JW Player to simplify workflows, save time, and increase engagement.

Ebony made an important shift in its editorial strategy in 2017: Videos would now be on 80% of its text articles and monetized to drive the greatest business impact.

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Driving Business Growth with Video Intelligence

Penske has built a media empire with the power of content, and one of its key business objectives is to monetize its inventory of quality video.

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How Revolver Used JW Player to Revamp Its Website and Power a Video-First Strategy

In September 2017, heavy metal website Revolver relaunched under new ownership. The goal was to make video a much bigger focus, with more original content on its owned & operated site and in syndication.

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How Talpa brought The Voice to millions with JW Player’s “Triple-A” Technology

Talpa Global—the production company behind reality singing competition The Voice—needed a standardized way to distribute digital video around the world.

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How Patch Media Increased Video Views by 16% in Two Weeks with JW Recommendations

Patch Media, a community-specific news, information and engagement network, needed an easy solution to manage video content from multiple providers and engage viewers across hundreds of websites.

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How Tone It Up Built a Premium Video Destination in Two Weeks with JW Showcase

Tone It Up, an online community for health and fitness for women, needed to build a paid video platform that was easy for users to access and understand.

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How Galvanized Increased Views per Visit by 50% with JW Player and JW Showcase

Galvanized Brands, a publisher of ad-supported content in the health, wellness, lifestyle and nutrition vertical, needed to increase video views for its sites and help users discover more content.

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How Apartment Therapy Increased Plays 2x and Ad Fill Significantly with JW Player and JW Recommendations

When Apartment Therapy, the leading online lifestyle and interior design publisher, struggled with video engagement and viewability across their platform, they consulted JW Player’s Demand team and implemented JW Recommendations.

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How Teaching Channel used JW Player’s excellent playback and powerful platform to deliver videos across any browser, format, and partner site.

When it came to delivering videos to a wide range of school districts and third-party partners, Teaching Channel had a serious problem with playback.

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How NewsMedia drives ad delivery and engagement with JW Player

In 2017, NewsMedia faced an important decision: Stay with long-time video technology partner JW Player or follow the recommendation from its new parent company to switch to an alternative video solution.

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How Apartment Therapy and Kitchn Increased Their Video Engagement With JW Player’s Article Matching

Part of a family of popular websites, Apartment Therapy and Kitchn are two lifestyle brands that focus on life at home, from decorating and DIYs to recipes and meal plans. Collectively, they reach 53 million people across their sites and social network. But their video strategy was time-intensive. The publishers needed an easy-to-implement technology solution to could automatically add the most contextually relevant video to their text only pages, without the need for manual curation.

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