Studio approved multi-DRM of choice by top broadcasters.

As the first in the industry to implement multi-DRM and multiABR with PlayReady*, and the only online video platform that owns and operates license delivery, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative, simplified DRM solutions for video.

*Previously known as VuDRM by Vualto (now a part of JW Player)

Multi-DRM: supports Google Widevine, Apple FairPlay, Microsoft PlayReady

Adaptable to your business: supports live, VOD, offline DRM, SVOD, AVOD, and TVOD

24/7 monitoring: in-house Network Operations Center team to tackle any issues as they happen, ensuring stable, high-quality streaming

Proven reliability: With 99.99% uptime and multi-region infrastructure, spread globally across 7 clusters, we get your content to the viewer as fast as possible.


Easily integrated into your video workflow.

Simply manage your DRM policies directly in the JW Dashboard or leverage our APIs. Studio DRM is also compatible with other video platforms, players, and CDNs—you have full flexibility and control.

All-in-one solution: from key provisioning, content packaging and encryption, to token creation—it’s all handled for you

Standalone DRM: Studio DRM supports other platforms, players, and CDNs


Security standards scalable to your audience needs.

Content protection customizable to your audience size and device and platform requirements, ensuring seamless and secure viewing experiences, delivered everywhere. All-in-one online video platform provides and centralizes robust content safeguards from upload to playback, with support for:


URL token signing

Studio-approved DRM


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