Introducing JW Player 6.11 – Industry Leading HLS

Premium HLS Streaming Everywhere

JW Player 6.11 is now available across all of our platforms. This release dramatically improves HLS functionality and supports new features from Apple’s latest specification. With 6.11, any site that uses JW Player gains access to premium video player functionality typically only available from services like Netflix, Hulu+, and Amazon Prime Video.


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Shop Small and Save Big With JW Player

As Small Business Saturday approaches, we would like to show our support for small businesses with a special promotion on our pro and premium player editions! These products offer streaming, branding, and analytics to help your business optimize video marketing.


JW Player understands small business owners’ most pressing needs are acquiring customers and increasing revenue. We want to show you how online video marketing can help you solve these challenges:

  • Reach more potential customers by improving your SEO: Search Engine Optimization is the practice of improving your website’s visibility in Google’s search results by ensuring your content is captured in search engines. It is so important that 70% of media publishers optimize their videos for SEO. Since Google prioritizes original and engaging content in its search engine algorithms, video results have been noted to be 50x more likely to land on the first page. Check out our whitepaper on “8 Steps to Master Video SEO” so you can start reaching more customers.
  • Maximize revenue by controlling your advertising: When you monetize with video advertising on YouTube, you’re letting YouTube decide which ads to run in front of your video and where end-of-video traffic is redirected. Today, with technologies like JW Player, it’s easy and cost-effective to create an Owned and Operated video destination site that lets you take control of your brand, your traffic, and most importantly, your advertising revenue. Read more on how to build a “Multi-Channel Video Strategy” and start taking control of your advertising revenue.

Online video is growing at lightning speed – it is expected to represent 79% of consumer internet traffic in 2018. This is a number too high for any type of business to ignore, small or large. Take advantage of our special offer to get started and remember… videos are one of the most effective ways to engage an audience and grow your business!

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JW Player Will Be Presenting at Streaming Media West 2014

JW Player’s VP of Devices, John Luther, will be presenting at Streaming Media West next week! John will be a speaker on the panel “Replacing Flash: Adaptive Streaming and DRM in HTML5” on Tuesday (11/18th) from 2:45-3:30pm.

John will discuss the emerging role of MPEG DASH and the W3C Media Source Extensions (MSE) standards in the efficient delivery of web video. At JW Player, we believe MPEG DASH will be the successor to HLS and become the standard for streaming video content across multiple devices.

For an example of DASH in action, check out our MPEG DASH demo below and toggle between the different streams:

John will also cover JW Player’s MSE plans for 2015, which include:

  • DASH support for desktop and mobile web
  • DASH/HLS support for Android SDK
  • Server integrations with Azure and Wowza

For more details, don’t forget to attend “Replacing Flash: Adaptive Streaming and DRM in HTML5” at Streaming Media West!

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JW Player Launches Android SDK Public Beta

We’re pleased to announce the Public Beta release of our JW Player SDK for Android. This software developer kit (SDK) enables publishers to easily build the JW Player video and advertising features they love into native Android apps.

Cisco predicts that by 2018, two-thirds of the world’s mobile data traffic will be video content. According to ComScore, 47% of Internet traffic is attributed to mobile apps (more than desktops) and the average mobile consumer spends 86% of their time using mobile apps.

JW Player for Android SDK opens this fast-growing world of native mobile apps to the community of over two million web sites that use JW Player. At the same time, this SDK empowers publishers new to JW Player to include video and audio streaming in their native Android apps.

This is our first SDK for devices, and more are coming, including iOS. Also, with the recent addition of Google Chromecast support for our desktop players, we are delivering broader device coverage for publishers to expand their audiences and increase monetization on traditional TV screens. We have a similar goal with all of our SDKs: to provide publishers with more opportunities for delivering video content and ads to phones, tablets, OTT boxes, TVs and other devices.

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JW Player Supports Net Neutrality

You might have noticed a “spinning logo” banner on the JW Player Labs site today. We are participating in the 2014 Internet Slowdown. The banner will only be shown today, and only once to each site visitor.

We aren’t actually slowing down our site or software. The Slowdown is a coordinated symbolic act to raise awareness of the Net Neutrality debate. On the Internet, all data on the network is treated equally–it is a neutral, level playing field. The pages that are served from your personal blog are given no more or less priority than pages from other sites on the Web, even giants like Google or Facebook. The same is true for Skype calls, Netflix movies, and any other application that uses the Internet to transmit data packets.


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Meet JW Player at the 2014 IBC Conference!

Come meet our very own Jeroen Wijering at the 2014 IBC Conference in Amsterdam from September 13th-14th. IBC is the global meeting place for everyone engaged in creating, managing and delivering the future of electronic media and entertainment technology.

Jeroen and Charlie Good from Wowza will be showcasing demos on HLS and DASH adaptive streaming at the IBC Conference. Stop by Wowza’s Stand (3.B17) to attend one of two JW Player/Wowza sessions:

      • Saturday, September 13th at 3:00pm
      • Sunday, September 14th at 3:00pm

These demos will show implementations of Wowza Engine + JW Player running adaptive streaming using the Apple HLS and the MPEG DASH protocol. Advanced functionalities include VTT captioning and multiple audio tracks. This is the first time JW Player will be showcasing MPEG DASH support! Check out our demo below, where you can choose from a variety of MPEG DASH options.

See a complete list of Wowza IBC events here. Jeroen will also be at the Wowza afterparty on Saturday, July 13th, so make sure you stop by.


Introducing JW Player 6.10

Native VAST Ad Tag Waterfalling, Expanded Ad Scheduling, Chromecast Update

JW Player 6.10 is now available across all of our platforms. This release adds simplified and more powerful advertising capabilities along with expanded functionality for Google Chromecast.

Improved Advertising Capabilities

As video advertising continues to rapidly grow in popularity, we strive to deliver new functionality to help publishers take advantage of this monetization opportunity. In JW Player 6.10 Ads Edition we added new and simplified capabilities for VAST Ad Tag Waterfalling and Ad Scheduling. The ads control bar has also been refined based on many customer requests to fade away after the ad starts playing.

Native VAST Ad Tag Waterfalling

JW Player 6.8 Ads Edition was the first to implement VAST 3.0 video advertising in a simple, straightforward way, supporting VAST tags from nearly any Ad Server/Network. JW Player 6.10 Ads Edition builds on this industry-leading VAST capability by adding native Ad Waterfalling support.

To better understand the value of Ad Waterfalling, lets look at the problem it is trying to solve: Ad Fill Rate. When a video player makes an ad request, there is the potential for that ad request to not return an ad. The Ad Fill rate is the percentage of ad requests that are fulfilled and return an ad. In practice, this means that publishers are not able to monetize every video play.

Ad Fill Rate AdFillRate

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JW Player Customers Go Live with Chromecast

As the new kid (CTO that is) on the block, I’m excited to share that a number of our customers including Baeblemusic, SnagFilms, and RiffTrax have gone live using JW Player’s Chromecast integration for their video player deployments, enabling users to interact with their content on the big screen. Our customers have enabled streaming of free movies, TV shows, music videos, artist interviews, movie trailers, video game highlights, video gameplay, and paid original video content for their users via this integration.

These rollouts rapidly follow the launch of Chromecast support in July, which enables users to cast video onto a Chromecast connected TV and then use their computer as a remote control. JW Player is the only standalone web video player on the market offering Chromecast streaming that is fully integrated with standards-based VAST video advertising, as well as the ability to customize the look and feel of the branded video player in the primary screen. Keep reading to see more of our amazing Chromecast customer integrations!


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Designing a Better World: Seamless Technology

JW to speak at UX Panel

Jeroen Wijering, the creator of JW Player will be part of a panel discussion this Tuesday at the headquarters, and he will be discussing the evolving concept of “seamless technology”. Jeroen will be joined by Will McLeod of Keen Home, Daniel Klainbaum of Moment Design, and David Antunes of Applico, Inc. Each of the panelists have their own ideas of what “seamless technology” means to them and to our future, and we can’t wait to be a part of the discussion that will follow.

We would love for you to join us at the Panel! You’ll have a chance to ask Jeroen and the other panelists questions, as well as enjoy a drink or two at the Meetup Headquarters. To RSVP (it’s free!) and find more information, head over to the event page on

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