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Jan 7


2013: Year End Review

With 2014 in full swing, Dave Otten, CEO of JW Player, reflects on the last twelve months for JW Player and looks forward to what he believes will be an exciting year for JW Player and the entire online video industry…


The state of HTML5 Video

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The World’s Most Popular Video Player

ESPN, AT&T, Chevrolet, EA, UFC, AKQA

“With the new JW Player I can focus on making the experience of watching video as enjoyable as possible on web, iPad, and mobile.” — David Moffly, CEO BaebleMusic

“We’ve seen our mobile traffic grow steadily over the past few years. Mobile ad delivery on JW Player will give us what we need to reach our mobile audience.” — Arthur Cinader, EVP Product Development at POPSUGAR

“Creating a Lexmark branded player was really easy to do. The build out is actually the easy and fun part” — Kyle Cleaver, Multimedia Designer at Lexmark

“The development and support team at JW Player has taken all of the pain out of getting setup with video ads.” — John McLeod, Webmaster at Ron Hazelton Productions

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For fans of HTML5, the release of the iPad, five years ago, was big news. The much-hyped device was not compatible with the popular multimedia platform Flash, a choice Apple doubled down on a few weeks…