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Maximize online video ad revenue across devices. It’s easy to get up and running with our video advertising tools.

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Ad Tag Formats (VAST, IMA)

JW Player is committed to keeping up with industry standard ad formats.

Interactive HTML5 Ads (VPAID2)

Keep viewers engaged with industry standard VPAID2 formatted ads.

Ad Scheduling (JSON, VMAP, Dashboard)

Advanced ad scheduling made easy. Includes podding, skipping, and waterfalling.

Ad Skipping

Keep your viewers happy with simple ad skipping controls.

Ad Waterfalling

Maximize revenue by falling back to alternate ad tags.

Ad Pods

Play groups of ads in a single ad break to maximize opportunities for ad impressions.

Overlay Ads

Get impressions while your content seamlessly plays in the background.

Companion Ads

Maximize advertiser impact with additional, synchronized ad units near your player.

Outstream Ads

Load a player at any point on the web page to deliver a highly viewable ad experience.

Targeting Macros

Get control over your ad targeting using The JW Player’s tagging & tracking functionality.

Grow your ad plays with the click of a button.