Calling All Those Passionate About Video

Who We Are

If you’ve watched video in the last 10 years, you already know us. We’re the company that pioneered video on the web and continues to lead the way on video delivery and intelligence. JW Player has a dynamic, collaborative culture and we're looking for smart, motivated, and innovation-driven people to join our team.

Come help us imagine what comes next!

What You’ll Find

Career Development
100% of Benefits Covered
Lucky Cat
Unlimited Vacation
Ping Pong Table
Oodles of Data
Virtual Reality Games
Community Service
Standing Desks

What You Won’t Find

Impossible deadlines
Inferior Product
60 Hour Work Weeks
Bad Attitudes
Unapproachable Executives
Stale Coffee


Cups of coffee/year

Buffalo Wild

Most preferred wing


Most exotic pet


High fives per week


Favorite Lunch Food

77.6% | 22.4%

Use Google Sheets vs Excel

Thin Mint

Favorite Girl Scout Cookie


Commute via Subway

"The people at JW Player are friendly and welcoming. There seems to be a group or club for almost any hobby."

Adam | Marketing Designer

Our Current Openings