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Digital Video 101: Setting Up Your Ad Stack

Optimize Your Video Publishing Program for Maximum Performance and Efficiency

While a successful video strategy couldn’t exist without speed, viewability, the right content and a great user experience, there is one more aspect to consider before you put your game plan into effect: optimizing your ad stack for peak performance.

Watch part three of our Digital Video 101 series to learn how to set up your ad stack the right way to make sure your video strategy is maximizing payout. Learn about the video advertising ecosystem and how to select an ad server that’s right for your business.

During this webinar we also cover:

  • Connecting your player with the ad server
  • The benefits of Video Player Bidding
  • Optimizing your ad tags to reduce latency
  • Measuring ad performance

Featured Speakers:
Ameet Bharwani, Senior Sales Engineer, JW Player