Reduce Page Load Time By 30% With JW8

Join Product Manager Alicia Hurst as she gives you the inside scoop on JW8 -- our fastest and most flexible video player yet. She will provide a behind-the-scenes look at the publisher needs that were the driving force in the improvements we made for our newest release.

Hear first-hand how our latest player reduces page load times by 30% and debuts a completely redesigned, mobile-optimized user interface that improves viewing experiences.

Learn about player updates such as:

  • Speed: Improved player speed and page load times, leading to higher ad fill and CPMs
  • Customization: Skin overhaul to give users more branding customization options while also streamlining workflows and reducing cost
  • Monetization & Distribution Support: Facebook Webview and VAST 4 are officially supported, greatly expanding your audience reach and opportunities to monetize