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Scale your plays and revenue with JW Platform

High performance encoding and delivery is just the start — with JW Platform you have an end-to-end management solution with tools to grow audience and revenue.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how JW Platform can be used to increase engagement and drive monetization.

Get a walk-thru of how our customers are using JW Platform to distribute video, grow their audience and monetize their content.

During this webinar, we also cover:

  • How to manage your video library with our easy to use dashboard
  • Using real-time analytics to find actionable insights about your content & ad performance
  • How our data-driven Recommendations can boost your plays by 45%


Speakers Include:

Mark Thornby, Director of Product Marketing, JW Player

Chris Muller, Director of Account Management, JW Player

Sergio Vargas, Product Manager – Video Management, JW Player