Skyrocket Your Content ROI With Interactive Video

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Interactive erupted into the mainstream video landscape at the start of this year, but the truth is big brands backed by savvy content specialists and engaged marketers have been harnessing the technology to skyrocket video success for a while now.

When you dive into the numbers, the reasons are obvious:

  • 9x higher purchase intent
  • 32% more memorable
  • 42% longer spend with the content

Join video experts from WIREWAX and JW Player to discover how to deliver  world-class interactive video experiences, optimizing key engagement across your core channels for supercharged video ROI.

Featured speakers:

Darian Chornodolsky, VP of Platform Growth, WIREWAX

Marissa Ke, Customer Success Director, WIREWAX

Zach Joiner, Senior Business Development Manager, JW Player