Deepen Video Engagement Across Your Site with Article Matching

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How many times have text articles on your site had video alongside them that has little or nothing at all to do with the content in the article?

A random or inappropriate video attached to a page will have an adverse affect on your audience experience and brand. Alternatively many text based article pages miss the opportunity to add a relevant video from your library that would enrich the story and deepen audience engagement.

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how Article Matching solves for this lost opportunity for audience engagement and revenue by leveraging video intelligence to provide a uniquely seamless and effective solution to add relevant videos to any page on your site.

Jarreau Joseph Weber from the National Review shares how the online news publisher achieved a 19% lift in video plays and a 71% increase in CTRs on click-to-play videos using Article Matching.

Featured speakers:

Yusuf Roso, Product Manager, JW Player

Mark Thornby, Director of Product Marketing, JW Player

Jarreau Joseph Weber, Director of Product & Audience Development at National Review