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Fireside Chat: Developing an OTT Strategy

Viewing on OTT and connected TV apps has been accelerating year after year, driven by the growing cord-cutting trend as well as the growth of suitable video content. But how should digital media companies respond to this trend? And what is needed to develop an effective OTT strategy?

Join us in a fireside conversation with Cesar Chavez, Director of Digital Ops at Fuse and Jeroen Wijering, Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at JW Player as they discuss topics including;

  • The benefits of investing in your own OTT apps
  • Important KPIs to focus on for OTT
  • How smaller media brands can compete with the giants

OTT Apps from JW Player with FloatLeft present a Fireside Chat with...

Cesar Chavez
Cesar Chavez

Director of Digital Operations, Fuse Media

Jeroen Wijering
Jeroen Wijering

Co-Founder and Chief Innovation Officer, JW Player