Drive Viewer Retention with Quality of Service Insights

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In the competitive landscape of video, viewers expect a great experience at every step. However, how do you ensure they are getting the best viewing experience possible to help you maximize engagement?

Watch our webinar to hear how JW Player and Nice People At Work can help you gain insight into your tech stack to make sure you are providing your end users with the highest quality of viewing.

Learn how Quality of Service (QoS) insights allow you to access critical information in real-time to help you optimize video delivery for better viewer engagement and retention.

During this webinar, we will cover:

  • How to get immediate insight into performance issues
  • Monitoring your entire video service in and out of playback
  • Reducing buffer rate to prevent churn
  • Optimizing the performance of configurations and setups for content
  • See key stream metrics like interruptions, bitrates, and join times


Featured Speakers:

Henry Lee, Product Manager, JW Player

Jonathan Shields, VP of Sales, NPAW