iOS & Android SDKs

Viewers are watching more and more video in apps — reach them, too. Our Software Development Kits (SDKs) let you add JW Player functionality to your own native Android and iOS applications to provide consistent media playback across devices.

Expand Audience Reach with JW Player iOS & Android SDKs

The SDK includes native software classes and methods that enable developers to build HLS video playback, VAST advertising, player UI customization and other features directly into any mobile application to expand your reach to the billions of mobile app users worldwide.

The Features You Need

JW Player’s SDK solutions include the features most important to you: adaptive & live streaming support, live DVR, video advertising, captions, 360/VR video playback, and the ability to cast a video to other devices. See below for a full list of features in our Android & iOS SDKs.

One Player Everywhere

Consistent APIs, skins, and integrations you know & love from JW Player for the web are available in the SDKs, reducing development time and costs. Plus, the JW Player SDKs get timely updates to ensure they adapt to changing technologies.

Fast, Smooth Development

JW Player’s SDKs are built to be developer-friendly, so you can implement quickly and painlessly. Our detailed SDK documentation and dedicated iOS and Android support engineers are also on hand to ensure you succeed.

Full Ad Support

Native implementations of IAB VAST, VPAID 2, and Google IMA empower you to monetize your mobile videos. JW Player is a Google Certified Publishing partner (the only pure-play video partner among only 35 partners in total!), so you can be sure that our support for the most popular formats & technologies is always cutting-edge.

Adaptive Streaming Performance

5x faster HLS startup and switching than Android Media Player, which improves audience retention and increases revenue, and solves HLS support fragmentation & specification compliance across Android versions.

Streaming Features
Web Player
Android SDK
HTTP Live Streaming (HLS)
MP4 Progressive, VOD & Live Streaming
AES Decryption
Multiple Captions Tracks (SRT, webVTT, TTML)
608 Captions
Multi-Track Audio (HLS)
Live DVR
ID3 Timed Metadata
Variable Rate Playback
Advertising Features
Web Player
Android SDK
Native VAST 3.0
VMAP + Ad Scheduling
Google IMA
Ad Pods, Ad Skip, Tag Waterfall
Customization Features
Web Player
Android SDK
CSS Skinning
DPI-Responsive UI
User-Selectable Playback Quality
Full Screen Handling
Rotation Handling

Built for Developers with <3

Quickly and easily build native mobile video experiences into your iOS and Android applications — including interaction, customization, casting, and ads.

Which JW Player Edition will best support your video goals?