JW Engage

Intelligent, data-driven audience growth

Turn-key Audience Engagement Lift

With just a few clicks, you can keep viewers on your site longer. JW Engage utilizes an advanced recommendations system that places the most ideal content in front of your audience. This enables publishers to maximize ROI for their content. Customers typically see an average of 30% engagement lift and 20% advertising revenue lift, simply by turning on JW Engage. Think of it as a fire hose of new monetization opportunities.


Intelligent Recommendations Engine

JW Engage is built with a hybrid of best-of-breed machine learning technology stack and utilizes our proprietary algorithms to create multifaceted recommendations, surfacing the most engaging content for your site visitors. Combine these intelligent recommendations with sponsored or curated content playlists to maximize flexibility and monetization opportunities.


It’s All About Experience (UX that is)

JW Engage provides world-class user experiences via customizable embeds that outperform the competition. Leveraging our vast network of billions of connected video players worldwide, we understand how your audience watches content. This allows us to optimize the experience for maximum engagement and retention. We obsess over data-driven experience optimization so you can focus on running your business.

Real-time Analytics for Actionable Insights

See how your content is performing in real time through our powerful analytics tools. Our tools let you quickly identify trends and maximize efficiency for business insights. Our analytics provide detailed, easy-to-understand metrics for maximizing engagement and monetization opportunities.




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