Content Discovery

Make your content work harder — engage your viewers and keep them watching — with JW Recommendations.

Electrify Existing Content With Minimal Effort

With one click, you can turn on Recommended Content to start growing your traffic significantly — without additional media investments.

Maximize Engagement Across Every Platform

Display recommended videos across every platform, including OTT, mobile apps and contextual players — within the responsive Discovery overlay in the player or use APIs to build custom video widgets into your web page.

Get More Views and Grow Revenue

Publishers that turn on JW Recommendations on average see lift of between 20% to 50% in views & ad revenue within the first month of implementation. Plus you can build clusters of recommended content around specialized business rules.

Measure Your Lift From Recommended Playlists

Track the performance of recommended playlists with our Analytics Segmentation feature. You’ll find a quick view for 30 day trailing play counts on each playlist detail page, as well a link to explore the data further.

Get Started Now

JW Recommendations is available starting in JW Player Enterprise.

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Developers Will Love

API access and precise details on why specific content is being recommended.

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How It Works

Explore the algorithms behind JW Recommendations and how to implement them.

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Key Features
JW Recommendations
A service that uses proprietary algorithms to determine what content your viewers are most likely to watch next.
Trending Playlists
A playlist that leverages recent viewer activity to highlight potential viral videos.
Similar Playlists
Chooses the best videos to complement what viewers are watching based on viewer activity and content metadata traits.
Video Search Playlists
Matches a keyword search to your content library and presents the best results.
Tag-Based Business Rules
Flexible configurations to control the set of content that recommended videos are drawn from.
Analytics Segmentation
Verify the performance of recommended playlists.
Social Sharing
An interactive element in the player that allows your viewers to easily share & promote your content.

Capture unique video insights across your websites & native apps.

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