Video Player Bidding FAQ

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What is header bidding?

Header bidding enables publishers to offer their inventory to multiple ad exchanges at the same time, prior to making ad calls to their servers. It is implemented by placing scripts in the header of a webpage

What are the benefits of header bidding to publishers?

Header bidding enables publishers to exercise more control over their inventory, while accessing more demand and increase fill rates — ultimately improving revenue performance. Advertisers are also able to access more inventory, providing more opportunities to engage their target audience.

Header Bidding advertisers also are able to bid on inventory outside of the Ad Server (typically DFP), which can limit their visibility. As a result, advertisers bid more and at higher rates via header bidding.

What are the challenges that publishers face with traditional header bidding?

Although header bidding offers many benefits, it is hard to implement, requiring hundreds if not thousands of custom coded values and depth of technical knowledge.

Additionally, header bidding can sometimes cause latency, leading to poor viewing experiences and exacerbated by additional demand sources.

What is Video Player Bidding?

To solve these new issues, JW Player and SpotX have partnered to develop Video Player Bidding, a culmination of expertise in video player technology and advertising to help publishers deliver captivating experiences while also maximizing revenue.

Video Player Bidding enables publishers to capture the benefits of header bidding without the implementation cost and complexity typical of most solutions in market.  

Video player bidding directly integrates the functionality of header bidding into JW’s flagship video player without the use of header code.

Who is SpotX?

SpotX is a leading video advertising platform providing publishers with monetization tools for desktop, mobile and connected devices.

Video Player Bidding is a joint venture between JW Player and SpotX

What are the advantages of Video Player Bidding compared to traditional Header Bidding?

Traditional header bidding solutions promise greater ad revenues and transparency, but often falls short in ease of integration and user experiences. Video Player Bidding drives the following step change improvements for publishers seeking to capture the benefits of header bidding:

  • Faster time-to-market — no developer resources needed: Publishers can get started in seconds by activating the Video Player Bidding in the JW Dashboard with just one click, and by filling in 2 additional fields. No manual hard coding is required.
  • Maintain high-quality viewing experiences without latency: With video player bidding, ad decisioning occurs server-side –not in the header code– before the viewer even hits play. This vastly improves the viewing experience, reducing abandonment by increasing fast page load speed, and video playback.
  • Potential for further value of CPMs: Because Video Player Bidding is directly integrated in JW Player, advertisers can easily access content metadata before they bid, thereby increasing the value of the opportunity and average CPMs.

When will Video Player Bidding be generally available?

Video Player Bidding will be generally available via the Advertising section of the JW Player Builder on the dashboard on March 1, 2018.

I’m interested in Video Player Bidding, how do I get access?

To get started you must be a JW Player Enterprise customer and a SpotX Publisher.

  • Customers new to JW Player and/or SpotX can Contact JW Player
  • Existing JW Player customers without a SpotX relationship can reach out to their account representatives or can Contact SpotX
  • Existing customers who have accounts to BOTH JW Player and SpotX, can follow this Getting Started Guide

What is SpotX’s process for accepting new publishing partners?

After you are live with JW Player, a SpotX representative will reach out and conduct a Brand Safety audit of your website(s). He or she will look at ad placements, traffic sources, and Coppa compliance. For more information, please Contact SpotX.

Great! I’m live with both JW Player and SpotX. How do I start monetizing with Video Player Bidding?

Read our comprehensive Getting Started Guide

I’m interested in meeting the JW Player and SpotX teams in person. What events are you attending?

Please refer to the Events section of the JW Player website for most up to date list. To schedule meeting times please reach out to your JW Player or SpotX representative or Contact Us.