Video Hosting

JW Player's full-service video hosting, management and analytics cloud platform lets publishers streamline their video workflows with speed, power, and efficiency.

Be Efficient at High Volumes

JW Player’s proven cloud video hosting (storage + streaming) solution encodes tens of terabytes and streams multiple petabytes of video each week, with 99.9% uptime and unique CDN edge acceleration for up to 10x faster uploads.

Manage with Strength and Flexibility

Ingest 1 or 1 Million videos using HTTP upload or fetch (or manage them as external URLs), and encode from any source to MP4 and HLS with high efficiency and pristine HD quality. Protect your content with geo-blocking, token signing, and HTTPS technologies using JW Player's platform cloud services.

Adaptive Video Streaming

HLS is supported out-of-the-box on all uploaded videos to ensure a great adaptive streaming experience on all devices. Plus, the JW Player supports live broadcasts with DVR, multitrack audio, 608 captions, ID3 metadata & AES encryption.

Easily Set Up Live Streams

Quickly and easily stream live events to your audience on any device, with tools seamlessly integrated into the JW Platform. Plus, simulcast to Facebook live — right from the JW Player dashboard. Learn more


Limited hosting is available starting in JW Player Developer — for advanced features (and video hosting for business) consider JW Player Enterprise.



The JW Platform API lets you integrate our technology with your own video CMS workflow.


Key Features
Platform API
The industry’s latest streaming format will allow you to stream better-quality videos using less bandwidth.
High-Resolution Transcoding
This feature makes sure your viewers see your videos in the best light possible.
HTTP Live Streaming (HLS Delivery)
HLS is supported on all uploaded videos out of the box to ensure a great adaptive streaming experience on all devices.
Add Tracks (Captions, Chapters, Metadata)
Enrich your viewing and analytics experiences with our flexible Tracks tools.
Custom Metadata
Be a master of managing your library and workflows.
Multiple Users
Have a large team? Bring everybody in on the action.
Multiple Properties
Segments your content libraries and keeps analytics separate.
Caption Editor
A point-and-click method of adding & editing captions to videos.
DNS Masking
Customize the content experience on a deeper level by pointing to a custom content hosting domain
URL (Token) Signing
Protect your content by creating expiring URLs that you control.
Restrict your viewership to a specific country or set of countries.
Wordpress Plugin
Seamlessly integrate your JW Player content & players into your Wordpress-based site.
Migration Support
Self-service batch migration for easy onboarding. Plus, our experts are here for custom enterprise needs.

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