Video CMS Dashboard

Access JW Player’s powerful Platform Services through a simple and elegant video management interface. The JW Player enterprise platform includes all the functionality you need to manage and streamline your players, content, advertising, and analytics.

Simple Video Management

Easily add videos via upload or external URLs to the video management platform. Enhance your video metadata with tags, descriptions, custom thumbnails, and captions tracks.

Cloud Player Control

Create and manage player setup, branding, and advertising — and update live players from the cloud using our player builder configuration tool.

Advertising Schedule Management

Use the Ad Schedule builder to create cloud-hosted Advertising Schedules to pair with players and update whenever you need. Create pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll ads to generate revenue at opportune moments in your video content.

Real-time Analytics

Monitor your content performance in real-time, breaking down activity by device, geography, and domain. Get detailed video-level insights about viewer behaviors with video engagement graphs.

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