Integrate video API technology into your core product or service.

You’ll see the apps that are trying to cut corners, they’ll use just the native player, it errors out and it’s a mess. With JW, everything is taken care of and it’s so fast.

James Lauzun, Director of Emerging Platforms at XiveTV

Robust APIs to build what you need

Flexible player and platform APIs allow for extensive integration and sophisticated workflows. Implement video into your products without learning video engineering, codecs & formats.

Developer-friendly Android and iOS SDKs

Demo apps and sample code help you incorporate video into your native mobile apps quickly and painlessly.

Super fast player

Proven video technology backed by dedicated video engineers who keep up with the latest standards so you can focus on your core business.

Customize the player for your use case

Create custom skins, icons, fonts, and feeds to customize JW Player with our CSS Skinning Reference, DOM Visual Reference, and Designer Kit.

Solutions for Software Developers & Partners

JW Player empowers developers with Video API references, Developer Guides, demos, kits, and tools to quickly and efficiently build video technology into sites, apps and services — in languages you already use.