Video Advertising Playbook for Digital Publishers

How to Make Your Viewers Happy AND Boost Video CPMs

To create a standout user experience for viewers while also attracting premium advertisers, digital publishers need to execute careful and critical choices. We've done the legwork for you and identified the strategies that are proven to deliver results. These recommendations are packaged as a comprehensive five-part eBook with 25 concrete actions you can take to grow your business. Employ these best practices and you won't just maximize your video CPMs, but enhance your brand's value proposition overall.

Find out:

  1. Why a focus on the user leads to higher CPMs (Think speed and search rankings)
  2. How to place your videos in the best light (Find a major tip on page 8)
  3. Strategic ways to build out your content library (Produce in house vs. licensing?)
  4. Why it’s worth the effort to know your users (And make sure they are human!)
  5. How to set up your ad demand stack the right way (Sure, it's a bit complex, but that's why there are experts to help out if needed)