How Knowledge Network Boosted Plays 100x Using JW Player’s Superb Platform And Customer Service

It’s no secret that for today’s children, mobile devices have become second nature almost right out of the womb. Engaging these young audiences with a quality video experience requires a brilliant video tech partner.

Knowledge Network found exactly this in JW Player. The Canadian public broadcaster wanted to break into a new market by launching a kids video website. It moved from an older, Flash solution to the world’s most powerful HTML5 player. With JW Player and its uniquely personalized customer service, Knowledge Network boosted its kids website from 100,000 plays to 10 million plays.

Gain insights on:

  • How Knowledge Network achieved millions of incremental plays for Knowledge Kids and Knowledge primetime
  • JW Player’s secret sauce—a “human touch” approach to customer service
  • Why Knowledge Networks’ Director of Web Channels said JW Player “came in and rescued us.”