Creating a Video Destination

How Ebony used JW Player to simplify workflows, save time, and increase engagement

Ebony made an important shift in its editorial strategy in 2017: Videos would now be on 80% of its text articles and monetized to drive the greatest business impact. The company had automated its video production and wanted to perfect its video delivery as well. However a previous video partner had not integrated ads well or offered adequate support, often leaving Ebony to dig through Javascript and fend for itself. According to Anu Pillai, vice president of Digital Technology, Ebony needed a video partner “who could truly work with us.”

Learn how JW Player can help you:

  • Create a turnkey video site that attracts both viewers and advertisers
  • Allows non-technical staff to easily adopt tools through an intuitive dashboard
  • Keep audience engaged with an intelligent Recommendations engine
  • Offer professional consultation to maximize advertising opportunities