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DASH Streaming Support and Viewability API

JW Player 7.10 supports more DASH streams and features likes DVR windowed live streams, multiple audio tracks, and improved subtitles. 7.10 also adds a viewability api method that you can use to get the viewability of the player or listen to events to determine if the player was viewable during that event.


Release Date: April 19, 2017


Core Player

  • Fixed an issue with DASH streams not starting unless the user tried to seek
  • Fixed an issue where the Flash plugin failed to load in IE11 when trying to play audio-only HLS streams
    Updated the initially selected audio track in DASH streams to be the first language track when a default is not set
  • Fixed the labeling of 608 captions tracks in HLS streams to use the NAME parameter from the stream or fall back to “Unknown CC” when the language or label is unknown


  • Fixed an issue where the player would not fallback to supported ad mediafiles after encountering an unsupported VPAID mediafile
  • Fixed an issue where the VMAP breakstart event would not fire in Firefox and IE11
  • Fixed an issue where a nonlinear VPAID 2 would not correctly fire the adImpression event
  • Fixed an issue where the playAd() API call was not taking the vpaidmode property into account


Release Date: April 12, 2017



  • Created a new on(‘adschedule’) event that displays elements of a parsed VMAP prior to ad playback, specifically the schedule of ads that should play.
  • Updated the on(‘adimpression’) event with information from a parsed VMAP that can be tied back to the on(‘adschedule’) event
  • Enabled the IMA config option “setLocale” for skip button language localization via “locale”: “de” in the advertising block. Two-letter language codes should be used.
  • Added a config option custParams to the advertising block for VAST. This allows passing custom parameters to individual ad breaks.


Core Player

  • Fixed an issue on the Edge browser where trying to remove the player using jwplayer().remove() would not successfully remove the player for DASH streams with embedded VTT tracks and casting enabled


  • Fixed an issue on iPhone with IMA where, if in fullscreen, the ad audio could be heard behind the paused content and exiting fullscreen would allow the ad to be viewed. This change was to force-exit fullscreen during ads and prevent users from entering/re-entering during ads.
  • Fixed an issue with IMA where manually changing playlist items from a video with a postroll to a video with a preroll would cause the player to stall.


Release Date: April 4, 2017


Service release, no new features


Release Date: March 27, 2017


  • Fixed an issue where cookies were not being sent when withCredentials is set with a cookie file
  • Fixed an issue where the player would not display on setup if the player element was not in the DOM
  • Fixed mishandling of Flash VPAID clickthrough
  • Fixed an issue where calling jwplayer().setCaptions({}); would not reset the window color or window opacity


Release Date: March 22, 2017



  • Added ability to display language with captions and audio tracks with DASH
  • Added support for DVR with DASH
  • Added support for multiple audio tracks with DASH
  • Added bitrate to quality labels with DASH to differentiate between levels with the same height but different bitrate
  • Added support for custom quality labels
  • Made general improvements to DASH streaming
  • Made general improvements to HLS streaming
  • Improved handling of Live stream completion by showing the end state

Flash Version

  • JW Player 7.10.1 requires Flash 18 or higher. Previous versions required 11.2 or higher. The change allows us to restore hardware accelerated video playback for HLS with Flash with minimal effort.
  • This fixes various issues with DVR streams and IE11 memory usage. Flash Plugin 25 is the latest version. Flash Plugin 18 is the last version to receive LTS security patches. Enforcing this requirement ensures greater security on sites that use our player.
  • Players on systems with Flash 11.2-17.x will no longer be able to use Flash. "primary: flash" will be ignored on these systems and html5 playback will be required.


  • Added viewability information to all events coming from the player API.
  • Added a getViewable() method that will return 0 if the player is less than 50% viewable or 1 if it is greater than 50%.
  • Added config option “autostart”: “viewable” which starts playback on desktop devices when the player appears in view rather than on page load or via user click.


  • Added config option “nextUpDisplay”: false to disable the “Next Up” tooltip
  • Added support for timeslider thumbstrips on mobile
  • Improved default styling of captions

Core Player

  • Improved handling of VMAP breakstart/breakend events
  • Added support for autoplay muted on iOS Chrome


  • Fixed an issue where DVR stream might not start from the Live edge
  • Changed IMA’s enablePreloading functionality to opt-in rather than on by default due to Google not adequately supporting VPAIDs
  • Fixed an issue where the player would still request manifests after the player was stopped
  • Fixed an issue where sideloaded captions tracks did not display when in-manifest subtitle tracks exist in an HLS manifest.
  • Fixed an intermittent issue where an HLS stream would freeze during playback
  • Fixed an issue where embedded VTT captions were not rendering in some browsers when using DASH
  • Fixed an issue where CSS on the page could bleed into the rightclick and quality menus
  • Fixed an issue where Live multi-audio HLS streams could freeze
  • Fixed an issue that caused HLS streams to crash when switching playlist items, where the new playlist item has fewer quality levels
  • Fixed an issue where a DASH stream with an embedded VTT file wouldn’t display captions
  • Normalized levels API properties across all providers
  • Fixed an issue where the timeslider scrubber could exhibit odd slingshot-like behavior when scrubbing
  • Fixed an issue where embedded VTT captions were not being styled correctly in some cases
  • Fixed an issue where Fairplay Streaming enabled streams were not playing over AirPlay
  • Fixed an issue where players were not autostarting in the Facebook webview browser on iOS
  • Fixed an issue where ID3 would be truncated when parsed in the HTML5 player
  • Improved handling of Flash streaming on IE11 on Windows 7 to reduce stuttering
  • Fixed an issue where a DVR stream would crash when using Flash on Windows with IE11