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Mobile UI and 360 Video

In JW 7.9, the UI has been updated to embrace small player sizes on mobile and desktop. Additionally, the Casting feature has been overhauled to handle both Google’s Chromecast and Apple’s Airplay. Lastly, support for playback of 360 Video has been added - no additional plugin required.

JW 7.9 no longer uses the custom receiver application hosted by JW Player. Instead, once casting is enabled the player will connect to the default receiver application hosted by Google. Because of this, you no longer need to register an application ID with Google and all existing setups will function correctly.


Release Date: February 21, 2017


  • Fixed ad plugin issues when using RequireJS.
  • Fixed an issue when using Flash where playlist switching via the API caused the video audio to play during the preroll.
  • Reduced console errors in Safari when the player is embedded inside of an iframe.
  • Improved handling of cookies when “withCredentials = true” with HLS streams.
  • Fixed an issue where VOD streams could incorrectly display as Live in Chrome.
  • Fixed an issue with the setCaptions API where it was not correctly changing the font size of the captions.
  • Fixed an issue where certain HLS streams might not begin playback.
  • Fixed an issue where the controlbar being visible would bump captions too high.
  • Fixed an issue where Vimeo HLS streams would not play.


Release Date: February 8, 2017


  • Fixed several issues with HLS where midrolls could case the stream to restart from the beginning or freeze on a black screen and prevent playback from resuming.
  • Fixed an issue where some DVR streams were starting from the beginning and not Live edge.
  • Resolved an issue in Edge where stopping an HLS stream programmatically could result in an error.
  • Fixed issues with the load() API that caused errors in IE11 and Edge.


Release Date: February 2, 2017



  • Improved usability of controls at small player sizes:
    • Moved the timeslider above (instead of inline) the control bar buttons to make the timeslider more functional and reduce clutter in the control bar.
    • Moved the Play/Pause, Rewind, and Next buttons onto the player view.
    • Moved dock buttons closer to the top right corner.
    • Updated the controlbar during ad playback to have a fixed height and fit ad text in a single line.
    • Removed the video description text that was visible before media playback starts.
    • Display a countdown instead of the current time and duration at player sizes below 320px.
  • Added a configuration option “timeSliderAbove: true” that moves the timeslider above the control bar buttons at all player sizes.
  • Updated player controls on mobile so that users can tap on the view to hide/show the controls while paused to facilitate taking screenshots of the content being watched.
  • Overhauled premium skins to provide better consistency.


  • AirPlay is now supported in Safari and iOS from within the Player.
  • Cast configuration options have been removed from the Dashboard.
  • Non VP9 DASH streams can be cast to Cast enabled devices.


  • Added configuration option “vpaidcontrols: true” for VPAID ads to force the controlbar to show.


  • Added support for Azure’s PlayReady AES functionality.
  • Performance improvements to HLS in HTML5.
  • Added support for playback of 360 Video. Both magic window and VR modes are supported when streaming a spherical 360-degree video.
  • Updated FreeWheel slot-end event handling.


  • Fixed firing of VMAP breakstart tracking event.
  • Fixed an issue with the handling of VPAID wrapper clickthrough.
  • Fixed an issue where adcomplete was firing on one ad in an ad pod on skip in certain situations.
  • Fixed issues around DVR playback and starting from the Live point.
  • Fixed an HLS playback stutter issue which occurred in streams that defined unusually short segments.
  • Fixed an issue with ad pods with both VPAIDs and Vast linear ads where all pod items were not being played.
  • Fixed an issue with HLS live streams where an empty child manifest would crash the player.
  • Fixed an issue with playing IMA ad content via the API.
  • Added better error handling for situations where IMA returns an empty xml.
  • Fixed an issue where an IMA skippable ad was not skippable if immediately preceded by a VPAID.
  • Fixed an issue that caused “preload: none” to break IMA ads.
  • Fixed an issue where firstframe was firing before playback started with “preload:auto”
  • Fixed an issue where the VisualQuality event did not return the index that corresponds with the quality level in getQualityLevels.
  • Added configuration option to advertising block for IMA's "enablePreloading" setting. "enablePreloading = false" disables ad preloading and resolves issues with back-to-back VPAIDs in pods. VPAIDs are not fully supported in IMA when using "enablePreloading = true".