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Next Up and Discovery Mode

JW Player 7.7 has a new interface for displaying playlist content and a new flow for transitioning into discovery mode to showcase recommended content. The tile layout introduced in JW 7.6 will now also be used to display curated playlist content, replacing the visual playlist in the controlbar. After the last playlist item, if there are JW Platform powered recommendations, the UI will transition seamlessly into discovery mode which continuously recommends new videos to help viewers discover new content.

This release also enhances the controlbar UI with a new default rewind 10 second element, a new “Next Up” button which shows a tooltip for the next video to be played when hovered over, and the option for the Next Up element to display before the next video begins.

Note: JW Player 7.7 removes support for mp3 audio in HLS HTML5. HLS streams should use AAC audio instead.


Release Date: November 2, 2016


  • Fixed stability of HLS streaming in HTML5


Release Date: October 28, 2016


Player UI

  • Adjusted player breakpoints to optimize experience for small players
  • Scaled and adjusted padding for dock buttons at small player sizes
  • Made a change to truncate controlbar text instead of adjusting height to accommodate multiple rows
  • Adjusted margins around premium skins at small player sizes to maximize usable space
  • Next Up overlay is hidden at smaller player sizes
  • Removed watermark from trial edition


  • Support forceNonLinearFullSlot config in IMA


Release Date: October 20, 2016



  • Fixed an issue in HLS where streams that had the same resolution but different bitrates were filtered out as redundant fallback streams. HD menu will now display these streams and their respective bitrate.


Release Date: October 18, 2016



  • Fixed an issue where certain audio streams containing a final short AAC segment were not going to a “complete” state.
  • Fixed an issue in Safari where on(‘meta’) was not outputting ID3 metadata after advertisements.
  • Fixed an issue where adjacent keyframes could cause stalls if the sample duration of the audio was longer than 2 keyframes.
  • Fixed an issue where switching qualities multiple times in a non-self instantiating stream could cause stalls.
  • Fixed an issue in Firefox where 608/708 captions would not appear with DVR streams.
  • Fixed an issue in Google IMA where setting “mute” configuration to true would play audio on certain ads for a split-second.


Release Date: October 10, 2016



  • Fixed an issue with live streams with inconsistent gaps in encoding that would desync and fail to play.
  • Fixed audio sync issues with live streams
  • Fixed an issue where HLS streams with a short final segment would not play the last segment

Discovery Overlay

  • Fixed an issue where additional pause events were firing when an item was chosen from the playlist overlay
  • Fixed an issue with discovery overlay where unplayed items were incorrectly marked as played


  • Fixed an issue in Firefox where HLS 708 captions were displaying in the bottom-left region
  • Fixed an issue in Firefox where sideloaded captions were not selectable when used in combination with 608 captions
  • Fixed an issue in Safari where embedded 608/708 captions were not available after a linear ad


  • Fixed an issue in Safari where Fairplay DRM was not triggering a player error when a keyerror was fired
  • Fixed an issue in Firefox where replaying a DRM DASH stream would not play ads


Release Date: October 4, 2016


Streaming and DRM

  • H.264 video and aac audio encoded HLS streams are now supported in HTML5 in Firefox
  • Updated to a new DASH library that will start faster as well upswitch qualities quicker
  • Multi-period streams are now supported
  • Support for custom functions when requesting key and certificates for Apple FairPlay Streaming
  • Added the ability to set custom HTTP headers for Widevine and PlayReady key requests

Playlist Overlay and Next Up

  • Added the ability to flip through pages of feeds in both curated playlist and discovery mode within the Next Up video overlay
  • New configuration options to set localization text for Next Up and Playlist overlay title
  • New Next Up tooltip will show the playlist item or the next recommended item
  • Updated the icon used for related dock items to be consistent with playlists
  • Added a nextupoffset that can be used to trigger a moment in the video to display the Next Up item. The default value is 10 seconds before the item ends.


  • No longer using IMA 3 Flash SDK, all IMA ads will render using the HTML5 IMA SDK

Core Player

  • Improved compatibility with RequireJS
  • When the player errors, a viewer can now access the playlist overlay and navigate to new content
  • Ability to set the minimum configurable length for when DVR controls are enabled
  • Removed previous button from controlbar
  • Created a new 30 second seek back icon and controlbar element
  • Right-click menu will automatically close after 3 seconds
  • MP3 audio is no longer supported in HLS HTML5:
    • TS files that include video and mp3 audio will have audio removed
    • Segmented MP3 files and TS files that use the mp3 audio codec will not play


  • Fixed an issue with unmarked discontinuities in HLS streams causing the player to hang
  • Fixed player API to not trigger pause when seeking is happening
  • Fixed multiple issues with PlayReady streams not playing
  • Fixed ads being skippable in an ad pod before the allotted skipoffset was reached
  • Fixed HTML5 HLS not broadcasting stalled when it is stalled.