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Next Up Overlay for Recommended Content

JW Player 7.6 has a mobile optimized design for displaying recommended content during and after a video ends. This new overlay is called “Next Up” and retains all of the functionality the related overlay. Next Up pairs seamlessly with feeds from JW Platform to allow your viewers to continue watching and discovering great content.


Release Date: August 29, 2016


  • VPAID ads can now be used inside of ad pods if they are sequenced in following patterns: (1) The pod starts with a VPAID creative and can be followed by multiple VPAID units, (2) The pod can end switch from VPAID to standard linear ad, (3) The pod cannot switch from linear ad to a VPAID creative
  • Fixed an issue where captions would need to be re-enabled after a preroll
  • VMAP requests will initially use withCredentials=true and fall back to withCredentials=false
  • Added support for embedded 608 captions in HLS streams for Microsoft Edge
  • Fixed multiple issues with timing and appearance of 608 captions after discontinuities in an HLS stream
  • Fixed captions in live streams turning off after pausing and resuming the stream
  • Fixed an issue where side-loaded tracks were not loading in IE9
  • Fixed an issue where next up related item was repeated instead of cycling to a new video
  • Updated style for video titles wrapping in related video overlay
  • Nan/Nan no longer appears as the duration and current time if the player takes an extended time to set up


Release Date: August 15, 2016


  • Updated design for showing recommended and related content


  • Fixed issue in Google IMA where adTime was not being returned in HTML5