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DRM Compatibility in Firefox and Safari

JW Player 7.5 adds DRM compatibility for two additional browsers (Firefox and Safari Desktop) as well as improvements to captions positioning, handling, and styling. Aria integration improves accessibility by adding support for screen readers. Finally, we've exposed additional tracking information via our API, and made VMAP ad scheduling more robust.


Release Date: August 4, 2016


  • Captions will no longer move when controls are disabled and player is moused over
  • DFXP captions will now be read correctly when using colons to separate seconds and frames
  • Player will now prioritize sequenced ads within an ad buffet
  • Native captions no longer display twice when using thumbnails with HTML5 Provider
  • Player will now display multiple captions that use the same timestamp
  • 608 captions should now wrap correctly in IE
  • DFXP/SRT captions should now wrap correctly in all browsers
  • Fixed issue where background color styles could incorrectly be applied to captions


Release Date: July 26, 2016


DRM and Streaming Improvements

  • withCredentials can now be added to HLS HTML5 manifest requests by including “withCredentials”: true to a playlist item
  • Added support for redundant HLS streams in HLS HTML5
  • Preload options now supported in HLS HTML5
  • Widevine DRM now functional in Firefox 47+
  • Fairplay DRM now functional in Safari Desktop
  • Various fixes/improvements to Playready DRM
  • Increased speed of Dash quality upswitching


  • Support for ad tag macros with VMAP ad schedule URLs
  • Different VMAPs can be used on individual playlist items
  • CreativeView tracking pixels now returned with adCompanions API event
  • Ad Impression will now return the mediafile type as creative type
  • Information about ad wrappers will now be exposed with adImpression event

Captions Refactor + Accessibility

  • VTT positions now supported in Flash and HTML5
  • Required caption polyfills will be loaded on-the-fly when required (Based on browser support)
  • “C” keyboard shortcut will now toggle captions display
  • Change caption appearance/style on the fly with new setCaptions() API
  • Support for embedded 708 Captions (In HLS HTML5)
  • Support for VTT positions
  • Improved screen reader support with Aria implementation (Credit to francoismassart)

Core Player

  • Providers will now be loaded separately only when required
  • New default "Seven" Skin
  • CC button will show active color whenever captions are not off
  • Skinning model improvements/cleanup
  • Adaptive streaming qualities now ordered in API and menus based on bandwidth
  • A single ad error will no longer error out an entire ad pod


  • HLS JS now correctly returns mpegts data with ‘time’ event
  • Cursor will now hide with controls in HTML5 mode
  • If within a certain threshold, posters will snap to the full player size
  • Fixed issue with VPAID 2 resizing while toggling fullscreen
  • Player now correctly obeys stretching options in fullscreen Flash
  • VPAID 2 ad will no longer display control bar with Google IMA plugin
  • Audio HLS streams will now properly play with captions
  • Mailto and Download links should no longer affect playback
  • Ad pods will now fire correct complete events
  • Improved 608 caption handling with discontinuity periods in Flash
  • Improved segment error handling in HLS HTML5
  • jwplayer.defaults now correctly sets advertising block to all players on page
  • Default 8px margin no longer added to body of VPAID 2 iFrames
  • AES key URLs are now parsed correctly when additional quotes were used