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Preloading and Sharing/Related Plugin Skinning

JW Player 7.2 features a variety of exciting new features and updates to your video experiences. We’ve modernized our Sharing and Related plugins to coincide with our JW7 skinning principles. In addition, JW Player now supports using preload with its media. This allows the player to gather playback information about media prior to playback and may improve time to first frame.

In addition, we’ve fixed many pesky bugs, improving experiences for both viewers and publishers.


Release Date: December 16, 2015


  • VAST flash creatives will now be properly ignored when player renders in HTML5
  • Fixed “Cannot set property 'blocking' of null” VPAID console error
  • Player now renders correctly if browser cookies are blocked
  • Player now renders correctly in certain older browser versions
    • Fixes “JSON.stringify cannot serialize cyclic structures” error


Release Date: December 7, 2015


  • Fixed issues with scrolling and Chrome throttling Flash.
  • Due to publisher feedback, when Chrome throttles Flash, JW Player will no longer sends an error event.
  • Fixed overlap between Logos and Related/Sharing close icon.
  • Fixed a regression with pseudo streaming.
  • Fixed on(‘adComplete’) event behavior with Flash VPAID creatives.
  • Improved right click overlay to be less prone to styling conflicts
  • Fixed manual quality toggling in Firefox.


Release Date: November 18, 2015


Sharing Plugin

  • CSS-based design
  • New API to triggers and hides display as well as showing which networks get clicked.
  • Add your own custom social networks. Default networks include - Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Tumblr, Google Plus, Reddit, LinkedIn
  • CSS-based design with responsive Grid layout
  • Automatic Related Playback with configurable countdown timer and message.
  • Added support for related feeds in JSON file format
  • New API to triggers and hide display as well as show which video gets watched.

Support for Content Preload

  • Provides faster video startup by preloading media metadata, parsing manifest on page load, and/or starting to download the actual media.
  • Default value is none.

Core Player

  • Right click customizations are now part of Free Edition and have an updated design.
  • When seeking with DVR, we now show a tooltip displaying the time.
  • HLS AES Key request frequency decreased.
  • dash configuration no longer needed to play MPEG-DASH streams.
  • DASH provider updated to Shaka 1.5.1.
  • PRIV ID3 metadata will now be exposed in HLS streams.
  • On mobile, display icon will appear on pause and tapping video area will now toggle playback.
  • play() and pause() now work for VPAID 2 JS creatives.
  • Custom logos will no longer hide with controls set to false.
  • Settings are no longer saving via Cookies. JW Player now uses local storage.
  • DASH sources will not attempt to play on non-chrome or edge browsers
  • Increased setup timeout from 10 to 30 seconds
  • Adjusted the placement of captions to react to controlbar being shown.
  • Updated Audio mode behavior to not get throttled by Chrome power saving.


  • Player should now respond to touch events properly on iOS 7.
  • ID3 Metadata was not synching to the correct timestamp in HLS.
  • ID3 WXXX fields were not parsed correctly.
  • Multiple Youtube players on a single page will now play properly.
  • Youtube videos will now play properly on Android devices.
  • VPAID 2 Prerolls now work properly on Android devices
  • Dash live streams will display correct live controlbar UX.
  • Errors will now be properly displayed when title or description are hidden
  • Fixed resume behavior after Google IMA midroll.
  • Improved dash playback experience on Android Chrome.
  • Fixed an issue where the API was not firing on('seeked') events in Flash
  • Improved HLS performance for certain streams
  • Fixed issue with thumbnails not disappearing when moused over
  • Fixed on(‘pause’) event not firing correctly in iOS Fullscreen
  • Fixed on('beforePlay') event not firing correctly in iOS
  • Flash audio content can now be initiated when blocked in Chrome
  • Fixed an issue where androidhls was not being honored inside of a playlist
  • Fixed playback of HLS on Chromecast when the primary source is DASH. (DASH is not supported on Chromecast.)
  • Fixed an issue with clicking on flash ads in FireFox on OSX.
  • Fixed playback content not resuming after mid-roll ad-pods.