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VPAID 2.0 JavaScript Creatives and Mobile Control Bar

JW Player 7.1.0 is our first major feature update to JW7. This new version offers new UI changes and stability fixes. For advertising users, 7.1.0 allows Interactive VPAID 2.0 JavaScript creatives to be used on in HTML5 video players. This release also changes the behavior to the control bar when it is rendered either smaller than 300 px wide or when the interface elements get cluttered.


Release Date: October 7, 2015


  • VPAID 2.0 JavaScript creatives will render even when Flash is used as the main content video provider. Priority of creative choice is given to the order that they appear in the VAST response.
  • When the player is rendering in Flash mode, SWF-based VPAID 1.0 ads will play if they are listed as the first or only creative source.
  • Flash Throttling detection for Chrome.
  • Controls now fade properly even without user interaction
  • Unknown CC track was appearing in captions menu when 608 captions and WebVTT captions were part of an HLS stream.
  • Api call getVisualQuality() is now returning correct value instead of undefined.
  • Ad complete API is now firing correctly for Flash VPAID ad creatives.
  • Better handling of a Flash exception that occurs when calling setup on a bad flash embed.
  • Certain VPAID 2.0 JavaScript creatives were showing JW Player controls instead of the controls that came with the creative.
  • When Flash was blocked or not able to load the player would show a buffering icon, it now shows the native browser UI instead of JW Player UI until Flash is started.
  • When using Autoplay, player would not resumed correctly after Chrome begins Power Save throttling.
  • Fixed support for WebVTT captions in HLS live streams that were trailing behind timecodes.


Release Date: September 16, 2015



HTML5/JavaScript Creatives will render on the following desktop browsers when the JW Player is using an HTML5 video provider.
|Supported Browsers|
*Internet Explorer is not yet supported.
*Chrome on Android is not yet supported
Fullscreen iOS browsers will play VPAID 2.0 creatives but will not have interactive elements due to no native fullscreen API support. Chrome on Android devices is not yet supported.
Fullscreen iOS browsers will play VPAID 2.0 creatives but will not have interactive elements due to a lack of native fullscreen API support.

Small Player UI/UX

Devices with a smaller viewing area will now see a more mobile-friendly control bar UI. Font size has been increased and secondary control bar elements have been relocated to an overflow menu.

Core Player

  • on(‘adStarted’) event added to listen for VPAID adStarted event.
  • on(‘adImpression’) is fired when the VPAID ad impression event is fired instead of the adStarted event.
  • Apostrophes are now accepted in image file names.


  • Youtube videos will now correctly begin when our play button is touched on mobile devices.
  • Long lists of captions will now be properly selectable in overlay menu.
  • Improved menu visibility behavior when options are selected.
  • Fixed player behavior when certain HTTP/HTTPS files were combined.
  • Bug fixes and improvements with updated DASH provider.