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Introducing JW7

See our JW6 to JW7 Migration FAQ for assistance with your migration.


Release Date: September 1, 2015


  • Changed provider logic to render based on provider availability.
  • Fixed touch events on Windows 10 devices to show controls appropriately.
  • Fixed certain livestreams with 608 captions to display the captions at correct times.
  • Fixed a display issue with poster images in audio only players.
  • Fixed multi-line WebVTT captions that were not rendering.
  • Fixed support for DISCONTINUITY-SEQUENCE in HLS.
  • Fixed an HLS stream that would not play due to targetduration being incorrectly set to a negative value.


Release Date: August 26, 2015


  • Chromecast functionality has been re-added and is now available for Premium users. Note: Advertising functions are no longer available while casting
  • vpaidmode has been added for Google IMA VPAID 2 configuration to allow for friendly iframes.
  • Because JW7 controls are not rendered in Flash, stagevideo configuration is no longer needed and has been removed.
  • play() and pause() will now control ad playback with our VAST plugin
  • Ad skip button will now fully inherit skin styles
  • Continuing improvements to player file size and performance
  • Fixed issue with relative paths with our Flash provider
  • Player errors will now differentiate between a missing, invalid, or expired key
  • Corrected poster behavior with audio files
  • Fixed issue with multiple embedded players sharing plugins
  • Vapor skin should now display correctly on Firefox for Windows
  • Fixed titles not appearing correctly with related plugin
  • subscribe, securetoken and bufferlength have been re-added as RTMP config options.


Release Date: July 20, 2015


  • displaytitle has been re-added as a configuration option
  • displaydescription can be used to toggle the display of a file’s description field
  • visualplaylist has been add as a configuration option. The default value is true, setting this to false will remove the visual playlist from the controlbar
  • Improved replay icon appearance in seven skin.
  • Player skins are now loaded via CDN instead of being built directly into the player
  • Removed legacy GA events
  • Custom providers can now be implemented in Premium edition players
  • Added support for Akamai HDS provider. Contact Akamai for the latest version.
  • Clicking “Live” will bring you to the Live position in a DVR stream
  • Updated DASH support streams with startNumber with values of 0
  • HLS is now enabled by default for Android devices. To turn HLS off set androidhls:false
  • Hovering over the player in HTML5 shows mouseover cursor.
  • Corrected buffer display prior to ad playback
  • Improved ad schedule handling
  • Removed unstyled icon appearances during player setup
  • More reliable handling of ad errors

Release Date: July 20, 2015



  • New on('adRequest') event is triggered when an ad is requested through VAST. This does not work with Google IMA ads.
  • JW Player 7 will intelligently choose VAST creatives based on player size. This means that smaller player sizes will load smaller video files.
  • JW Player will pick the best VAST Ad creative based on the size of the player when the request was made.

API Updates

  • New on('event') method to attach event handlers to a player instance.
  • New off('event') method to remove event handlers that are attached to a player instance.
  • New once('event') method to add one or more event handlers to a selected player instance. This handler can only be triggered once per element.
  • New trigger('event') method to trigger all events bound to the selected player instance.
  • New on('all') as an argument to listen to all events triggered.
  • New getProvider() method to find out which media provider is currently being used to render video.
  • All time events are reported to the full precision available and are no longer trimmed to three decimal places.
  • play events only fire once.
  • Original DOM container will be restored when removing player.

Quality of Experience API

  • New event called firstFrame triggered when the first frame of a video is played.
  • New event called seeked triggered when playback resumes after seeking
  • Built in Quality of Experience API that contains firstFrame, the total time for a player to set up, as well as the total time spent loading, paused, playing and idle.
  • New on('visualQuality') event triggered when the visual quality of a video changes during playback. This only works for HLS media files and contains the bitrate, width of the player, and the reason why the quality change happened.
  • Use getVisualQuality() to get the quality of the video currently playing.

CSS Skinning Model

  • All JW Player 6 skins have been rebuilt in CSS and are included within the player.
  • Set the name of the your custom skin within JW Player embed configuration to apply custom styles to the player.
  • Use inactive, active, and background configuration options to quickly set the color styles to any skin.
  • Any JW7 setup that uses a premium skin name from JW6 will automatically get the CSS version applied.
  • All icons in JW7 are built using a font. See docs on creating fonts.
    More information can be found in our following articles:
  • Using JW Player Skins
  • Building JW Player Skins
  • JW Player CSS Reference


  • Stream Live and VOD in HTML5 in modern browsers with MPEG-DASH. See Using DASH Streaming for full list of supported features. Available in Premium Editions only.
  • Protect your content with Widevine DRM in Chrome. Available in Enterprise and Ads Editions only.

Core Player

  • All embeds require a valid license key to work.
  • All interface elements are rendered in HTML regardless of media provider. Flash media playback will get HTML controls.
  • JW Player will dynamically change media providers between playlist items for optimal video playback.
  • You can disable all cookies by setting cookies:”false” in player embed settings.
  • Flash cookies are no longer set by the player for storing any player states between sessions.
  • Adobe Sitecatalyst built in integration has been removed in favor of creating API level integrations.
  • Analytics.js is the only supported method of Google Analytics usage.
  • The player will timeout and fire a setup error if it takes longer than 10 seconds to load.
  • Download fallback has been removed
  • Minimum version of Adobe Flash Player is 11.2
  • YouTube will only render in HTML5.
  • Semantic naming of player versions and plugins. Expect faster releases!

Known Issues and Upcoming Features

  • Due to JW7's new skinning model, IE8 is not officially supported with JW7.
  • Chromecast functionality is not currently functioning. Expect this soon.
  • Logo can only be positioned in the top right corner.
  • Using Advertising and DASH may cause issues. HLS is highly recommended if you intend on monetizing your content.
    ** See also JW6 to JW7 Migration FAQ **