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Chromecast Support

This feature release contains brand new functionality specific to JW Player Ads and Enterprise editions of JW Player.

New Features

Chromecast Support

  • Cast videos from Chrome on iOS using built in casting controls.
  • Control closed captions with the JW Player support. Includes FCC caption styling support.
  • Setting up the player for Chromecast requires publishers to configure their application with JW Player Chromecast receiver URL.


  • Schedule ads per playlist item instead of having a global schedule for an entire playlist.
  • Schedule ads in content more accurately using a new format - hh:mm:ss.mmm.
  • The ads control bar no longer blocks content during ad playback. It fades away after the ad starts playing.
  • Waterfalling between ad tags is now even easier with built in support. You can now pass in multiple ads into an advertising block as well as into the playAd() API to fall back to multiple ad tags.
  • Support for the updated Googima IMA API* (HTML5 support dropped in prior versions)


  • Fixed a bug setting up Youtube in HTML5 mode.
  • VMAP should support VASTAdData as well as VASTData.
  • Fixed an issue where VPAID ad creatives were taking up more space than defined.