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Keyboard Shortcuts, YouTube HTML5, Google Universal Analytics, and Chromecast

JW Player 6.9 has many new features and updates that are available in all editions - keyboard shortcuts and YouTube HTML5 support. Google Universal Analytics is now supported while maintaining support for older formats. The Enterprise edition has turnkey integration with Google Chromecast. Along with these updates many of your favorite bugs have been squashed.

New Features

Core Player

  • Support for Google Universal Analytics in the built in GA plugin. Maintains support for older data models.
  • JW Player will now supports YouTube HTML5 chromeless player! This allows HTML5 YouTube videos to played in the JW Player on mobile and desktop!
  • Keyboard shortcuts! JW Player can now be controlled with simple keyboard controls in both Flash and HTML5. Tab into the player and use space to begin playback, arrow keys to seek and adjust volume, and the ability quickly and enter/exit fullscreen.
  • Second precise seeking in HLS. When seeking in an HLS stream, instead of seeking to the beginning of a fragment you can seek directly to a second.
  • On Android Chrome fullscreen video playback is customizable with JW Player skins.


  • onAdPlay() - API call to determine when ad is played, returns the adtag, the position of the ad if it is in an adpod, and the state it is moving from which would be PLAYING or PAUSED.
  • onAdPause() api event for when an ad is paused.
  • Time slider cues no longer show for non-linear ads.
  • onAdImpression contains AdTitle attribute from VAST.
  • Clicking on a VPAID ad no longer forces a pause of video playback. Pausing of video playback on click is left to the VPAID creative.
  • playAd() for googima in flash

Beta Support for Chromecast

  • Enterprise and Ads customers can cast mp4 content to a JW Player Chromecast Receiver application with a seamless integration.
  • Supports linear VAST advertising.
  • Has support for basic customization and branding of the receiver application.

Updates and Enhancements

  • onMeta returns ID3 metadata for the current fragment playing of an AAC HLS audio stream.
  • JW Player now supports AES decryption of high quality HD HLS streams. The player decrypts and plays encrypted HD content 6x faster than previously, making it possible to stream high quality protected content.
  • JW Player recognizes HLS from Azure without any additional configuration.
  • JW Player would sometimes fail to load if it could not reach the CDN where external plugins were hosted. The player will now start up even if certain plugins can’t be loaded.
  • Updated FullScreen usage to comply with deprecated browser API calls.
  • Updated the Twitter logo in the sharing plugin to comply with brand standards.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed 608 captions becoming out of sync after a seek action.
  • Fixed iPad controls appearing after exiting playback when more than one video is played (Playlists, ads).
  • Fixed for VPAID ads taking up the entire player including the visual playlist and not just the player window.
  • Fix seek issue when clicking on time slider marker for ads.
  • Certain VAST calls were being cached for playlists. This caching no longer happens.
  • Fixed an issue where VTT captions were overflowing instead of line breaking.
  • Fixed logos were not showing when autostart:true was set.
  • Fixed an alignment issue with full screen video playback in Safari.
  • Fixed playback alignment in HLS with exact fit in full screen.
  • Fixed advertising playback in HTML5 when a VAST response had no MediaFile.
  • Fixed labels for multiple source files were not formatted correctly.
  • VPAID 1.1 tags that were having issues playing back because of a missing getVPAID method. The player will play these types of VPAID tags.