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VAST 3.0 and VMAP Support, Pro Skins, and FCC Compliance

JW Player 6.8 brings major updates to advertising with support of VAST 3.0 and VMAP specifications. Next, the player includes fully Redesigned Pro Skins, and support for FCC Compliant captions styling.

Release Date: February 6, 2014

New Features

  • VAST 3.0 Compliance, including:
    • Skippable ads
    • Ad Podding
    • Progress & skip trackers
    • Compliant error codes
    • Wrapper parsing updates
  • VMAP 1.0 compliance: able to parse ad schedules from a VMAP tag.
  • Newly designed and imagined Pro skins (8 in total).
  • FCC Captions Compliance by supporting further customization of caption styling options.
  • HTML5 video renders up to 4x faster.
  • Ability to extract ID3 metadata from RTMP streams.

Updates and Enhancements

  • Mid-roll ad markers now display on the timeslider.
  • Audio only mp3 creatives play in the JW Player.
  • Volume API calls work with VPAID ads.
  • Improved HLS Adaptive switching algorithm that provides less buffering and more viewing.
  • Customizable ad skip countdown message.
  • Volume slider thumb no longer disappears when at zero volume.
  • Improved click tracking on VAST 1.0 tags to reflect wrapped tags.
  • API updates to determine which ads are currently playing, skipped, and completed.

Bug Fixes

  • onresize() was not firing correctly in HTML5, this now fires when the player is resized.
  • Removed hd toggle that appeared in the ad playback control bar.
  • Fixed hd/cc toggle in flash mode that made it so a viewer could not tell if the HD was on or off.
  • Fixed playback issues with certain VPAID ad tags that used adparameters.
  • Fixed positioning issues with certain DFP nonlinear overlay takeover ads.
  • Fixed timeslider thumbnails that were not formatted correclty when using multiple sprites in Flash.
  • Fixed an issue with Adobe SiteCatalyst where extra information was being pinged.
  • YouTube iframe fallback on iOS 7 is now formatted correctly.