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Minor Enhancements

Your feedback has been invaluable as we continue to enhance the player. With 8.10, we are making small scale updates and fixes such as adding aspect ratio to the setConfig API and an option to also pause ads with our autopause video feature.

In case you’ve missed them, check out these headlining features from the last few minor releases:
8.9: VAST Ad Pods
8.8: Viewability Features
8.7: SCTE-35 Support
8.6: Automated Player Translations


Release Date: September 6, 2019

Service release, no new features.


Release Date: August 22, 2019


Core Player

  • Added support for updating aspectratio, width, height, and stretching configuration options via the setConfig() API.


  • Added support for Ad Placement Type (placement). The options are: article, banner, feed, floating, interstitial, slider, or instream. By default, the player will set instream players to instream and outstream players to article. These defaults can be overridden to reflect the appropriate placement type.
  • Added the ability to autopause ads based on player viewability by setting ”pauseAds”: true in the autoPause block.
  • Added support for displaying VAST icons contained in ad tags.
  • Added support for calling jwplayer().skipAd() with VPAID ads.


Core Player

  • Fixed open vulnerabilities to XSS attacks.
  • Fixed a bug preventing thumbnails from displaying in the playlist overlay on IE11.


  • Fixed an issue causing the wrapped ad tag to not be included in all ad events.