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JW Dashboard + Management API: Advertising Updates

New Features

After several months of customer outreach, data investigations, and A/B testing, we’ve completed a large and incredibly important Advertising project. The changes below allow us to make ad delivery more performant and reliable, reduce dependencies on other services, clean up some legacy workflow issues, and improve our ability to deliver more impactful advertising features more frequently.

While most of the changes are behind the scenes, the below list affects either the Advertising sections of the dashboard (Player builder, Ad Schedule/Ad Tag list pages, Ad Schedule detail page) or the Advertising API.

  • Added the ability to set/update an external VMAP on the Ad Schedules page
  • Enabled the v2 version of the Advertising API

Updated Features

  • Updated the Ad Schedule detail view page user experience to take into account the deprecated Ad Tag list page
Ad Tag List Workflow

In order to provide all the improvements noted above, the Ad Tag list page has been deprecated.

Inactive Tag Workflow

Tags associated with schedules remain active and continue to serve ads, inactive tags (tags not associated with schedules) have been removed and should be managed externally.

v1 Management API: Advertising

We’ve also deprecated the v1 version of the Advertising API Endpoint: