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JW Dashboard: Article Matching and Playlist Page

New Features

Article Matching

We have released the ability to create an Article Matching playlist - automating the embedding of contextually relevant videos into 1000s of articles with minimal to no work

  • Customers will be able to create Article Matching playlists through the dashboard.
  • On top of existing features such as tag inclusion/exclusion or pinning, customers will also be able specify the recency of the Article Matching results through the Dashboard (i.e. no videos older than [x] days).
  • Article Matching playlists support Single Line Embeds, and Google AMP when a Single Line Embed is used.

Updated Features

Combined Playlists page

We’ve combined Curated Playlists and Recommendations into one page in the dashboard called Playlists, making Playlist management easier and more intuitive.